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10 Really Good Reasons to Archive Email [Infographic]

Stats don’t lie. More than 90% of organizations in the US now archive their email communication, including files and attachments. However, there are still those companies that don’t quite understand the hype about email archiving. While it’s no longer possible to be completely ignorant of various laws and regulations that involve and govern the archiving of email and other digital channels, there are businesses that remain knowledgeably non-compliant. These are enterprises that are clearly aware of the legislation and its implications, but continue to practice the opposite. Compliance laws are never optional, and even if your organization belongs to an unregulated industry, remember that regulations are just one of the many reasons why you should archive email. This infographic is an overview of top 10 reasons why every (and we mean every) business should adopt an email archiving solution. Scroll down to find yours!

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If your organization still isn’t archiving email, your reasons must be on this list:

  • No budget
  • You’re storing your emails on a mail server
  • The company is too small and you can easily manage without email archiving
  • Your organization belongs to an unregulated industry
  • Your email platform (Exchange, Gmail) solves your archiving needs

Sorry to disappoint you, but these reasons are all wrong.

Instead, here are the TOP 10 REASONS why your organization absolutely needs to archive email:

The strict regulatory environment is one of the major drivers behind the demand for email archiving solutions. Stats claim that around 10,000 compliance regulations have been enacted around the world.

An email archiving solution will allow you to easily apply litigation holds, prevent evidence spoliation and ensure a smooth eDiscovery process without paying thousands of dollars for data retrieval.

1 in every 4 organizations experiences a storage management growth of 25% per year, largely attributed to email use and ever-growing attachments. When organizations impose email storage quotas, they do so to prevent infinite storage growth and prevent poor server performance. Email archiving brings relief to your servers and allows you to do away with quotas.

Investing thousands of dollars in an email archiving solution might sound like a huge cost for your business, but compared to millions that get spent on non-compliance fines, it’s a sound investment.

With email archiving, you centralize your email records which are now distributed across various devices or servers. When all company email is not contained in a single location, retrieving it requires a lot of effort and wastes time and money.

Even if your organization belongs to an unregulated industry, your email archive will be a vast repository of corporate knowledge. Which employee takes the longest to respond to an email? Who’s the typical go-to person in your IT team? Such data might give you vital insight into your organization that you might not be able to get otherwise.

Locating a single elusive email can turn into an office nightmare for your employees, who then reach out to your IT Team for retrieval support. That’s fine, but your IT team already have their hands full. A fully searchable archive with easy export options will save a lot of time and trouble to everyone involved.

Although a vast majority of messages your employees and colleagues exchange daily are business-related, sometimes there’s more. With an archive, you can define policies, set rules and notifications and be alerted if inappropriate content gets communicated. Detect workplace disputes and prevent more serious breaches such as sexual harassment and evidence spoliation.

Even startups no longer believe that the built-in archiving and search features that mail platforms possess can get the job done. For increased productivity and overall business security, every responsible organization opts for a more robust and powerful email archiving tool.

We’ve all heard the horror stories, hoping it won’t happen to us. A DR archiving appliance is an extra layer of protection for your data, allowing you to access your valuable information and maintain business continuity in case of natural or man-made disasters.

Here in Jatheon, we make superior email archiving solutions. Together with our clients, we have archived 5 billion emails so far. To learn how Jatheon can help your organization with email archiving, contact us or schedule a personal demo.

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