Should You Delete or Archive Email

August 06, 2018 by Jatheon

If you ask someone why they delete email, they will most likely tell you that they delete them because they want to keep their email organized and reduce mailbox clutter. While this is a valid reason for deleting emails, it’s rarely the real reason.

Why delete email?

The original reason why we’re even given the option to delete emails is simple. There’s limited space to keep them. If you want to be able to receive new messages, you have to make space for them by deleting your old ones. Otherwise, your mailbox would be full.

But in 2018, having enough space to hold all of our emails is no longer an issue. Gmail alone allows its users over 15 gigabytes of storage space before their inbox gets full. That’s enough room for 4 full length, 1080p movies. In other words, if you use your email like most of us do – to store text-based messages along with some small attachments – you will have to work very hard to fill your email account.

Even after the introduction of folder structure, which allowed us to organize and save important emails in specific locations for later use, there are still some emails we feel pressured to delete. But what if deleting is simply not an option? What if the inbox we’re talking about is your business inbox where you receive all kinds of critical information that you often need to refer to? What if you work in a public company that must maintain compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and preserve all digital communications (email included) for 5 years?

Why archive email?

This is where the concept of email archiving comes into play. Email archiving is the automated process during which all incoming, outgoing and internal emails in an organization are captured, indexed, deduplicated and archived either in cloud environment or on an in-house appliance. Thanks to indexing, all emails and text attachments are made searchable. This comes in handy not only when employees need to find a particular email quickly, but also in case of pending litigation, when relevant emails need to be located, put on legal hold and presented as evidence within a specified time frame. Originally used for compliance and storage management purposes, email archiving is now viewed as a fundamental part of corporate information governance and electronic records management.

Email archiving comes in handy not only when employees need to find a particular #email quickly, but also in case of pending litigation. #EmailArchiving #Compliance Click To Tweet

After a project is finished, you might think that you’ll never need to view a particular email again. But what if a similar project comes up and you need a glance at the previous one? We always hope for the best, but what if your company gets sued in relation to this project and all communication detailing its implementation needs to be presented as evidence in court? It could cost your company money and reputation to go searching for an email that can save your business and then come to the realization that you deleted it a year ago.

Email archiving is now viewed as a fundamental part of corporate information governance and electronic records management. #Information #Compliance Click To Tweet

Email archiving is the perfect way to deal with emails containing private and sensitive information. In order to protect the organization and prevent leaking of sensitive data, employees think that it’s best to purge those emails. With email archiving, all email history will be held securely in an impenetrable, tamper-proof vault that only admins and compliance officers can access and manage. All messages are time and date-stamped to preserve data integrity and prevent evidence spoliation. The powerful advanced search allows users to search through millions of archived emails and locate the critical one in just seconds.

Jatheon is a global leader in on-premise archiving and is currently building the most advanced and secure cloud email archiving solution on the market. To learn more about our solutions, contact us or schedule your personal demo.

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