May 28, 2019 by Bojana Krstic

Product Update: Dynamic Roles and Tagging on Jatheon Cloud

Despite being less than a year old, the Jatheon Cloud email archiving platform has been praised for its functional features. Today we’re presenting two of the most recent feature updates that will significantly improve email management – dynamic user roles and tags.

Customizable user roles

An organization’s email archive contains all inbound, outbound and internal emails. A part of the archive is comprised of emails which were sent by C-level executives, the legal department or the HR. These messages contain information which shouldn’t be available to everyone who has access to the email archiving solution.

This is even more vital in highly regulated industries, such as healthcare or finance, where email archives contain protected health information or sensitive client data that should be viewed by select personnel only. For this reason, the email archiving system needs to allow for multiple user roles and permission levels to control access to archived data.

While most archiving solutions come with default, unchangeable roles, Jatheon relied on customer feedback and designed customizable user roles on our on-premise solution. There was never any doubt regarding this feature on Jatheon Cloud. Although the platform comes with 3 default roles (Admin, Compliance Officer and End User), administrators can create new roles or customize the existing ones. User roles can be defined based on departments, user groups, seniority levels or any other criteria applicable to your organization and its unique needs.

Jatheon Cloud Create Role

Create Roles

This feature is crucial not only because it limits access to sensitive or business-critical data to end users, but also because it ultimately prevents accidental or deliberate alteration and deletion of data, which is one of the major reasons of archiving email in the first place.

It is this highly customizable option that makes Jatheon Cloud unique and adjustable to suit each user or group of users and their position within the company. There are no limits when it comes to the number of roles you can create. A single user can be assigned with more than one role.

When creating a new role, administrators will need to give the new role a name, add an optional description and apply appropriate permissions. The access to actions will reflect the settings specified in the permissions section. In other words, users assigned with the role will or won’t be able to perform certain actions. A role can be easily modified and deleted.

Jatheon Cloud Edit Role

Edit Role

Personal and legal hold tags

Another recently released feature is tagging, which is primarily used for categorization, easier archive management and legal hold.

In email management and archiving systems, tags allow users to organize and label messages in a meaningful way, which also makes it easy to find information, bring order to your team’s projects, enhance collaboration and boost productivity.

On Jatheon Cloud, personal and legal hold tags serve a different purpose. Personal tags are available to all users whose role permits them to apply personal tags and are used to easily organize emails.

Jatheon Cloud Create New Tag

Create New Tag

Jatheon Cloud Edit Personal Tag

Edit Personal Tag

Jatheon Cloud Tag List

Tag List

However, Jatheon Cloud also has the ability to freeze and warehouse data during times of active investigations. This is called legal hold, and once it’s applied, the selected data is kept on the system indefinitely. Legal hold is a must-have ediscovery feature which enables organizations to preserve relevant email when they anticipate litigation or an audit. In times of active investigations, the organization will be able to suspend the normal processing of records and prevent the deletion or altering of email that could be relevant to the case.

On Jatheon Cloud, legal holds are applied by tagging. Legal hold tags are primarily designed for compliance officers, although the permission can be granted to a custom role as well.

Jatheon Cloud Apply Tag to Email

Apply Tag to Email

By applying the legal hold tag to particular mailboxes, users or emails, the organization prevents the given emails from being modified and ensures that the data contained in the mailboxes will not be (forcefully or automatically) removed from the archive.

Each tag has a specific color attached to it and an optional description. The user can tag an unlimited number of emails with a specific tag, edit and delete a tag, as well as filter the emails using a tag. Tag filtering is included in both Simple and Advanced search so that users can make different combinations and get precise results quickly and effortlessly. It is possible to apply a tag to a single email or to a group of emails. The same goes for tag removal – you can remove a tag from a single email or in bulk.

Jatheon Cloud Change Tag Color

Change Tag Color

If you haven’t tested the Jatheon Cloud email archiving software, you can sign up for a demo or learn more about the product. If you’re a Jatheon Cloud user and your favorite feature isn’t there yet, send us a message and we’ll let our development team know.

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