February 20, 2017 by Bojana Krstic

Worst practices of Email archiving and Data retention: Part 2

:We have taken a look at some of the best things you can do to make sure you are fully compliant with email and data retention regulations, and we have glanced at a few things you should consider worst practices as well. That’s where we will pick up with this blog: covering a few more items that you and your data retention administrator should consider bad habits when it comes to email archiving. A little further down the road, we will look at the laws surrounding email archiving to reinforce why the following are bad practices.

Do Not Allow A Data Vortex

The first of these we will consider today is simple negligence or failure to adhere to your company’s data retention and email archiving policies. While it goes without question that your data retention administrator should rightly focus on content, there are times when that focus detracts from other important issues such as retention timeframes and storage capacity. These are also vital details to track. Keep it simple and automate your archiving requirements.

Do Not Allow Excessive Data Storage

On the other hand, just as you do not want your data slipping into the void, you don’t want a mountain of unnecessary content, either. Make sure your SPAM, junk, and unwanted mail is blocked before it goes through your email server and archiving system. Your data retention and email archiving administrator should know the regulations of the law which govern data retention.

Do Not Exclude Archives From Backup And Disaster Recovery Plans

This gets overlooked more often than you might think. A tandem of on-premises email archiving and off-premises backup storage is a solid plan, but every business has different needs. Whatever yours are, be sure to include email archives in your backup and DR plans.

With both best and worst practices now outlined, you can proceed with confidence in ensuring your company is compliant with data retention and email archiving compliance measures.

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