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Two for One: Tech Advantages of Email Archiving

In addition to compliance, email archiving offers many benefits. It can technically aid your organization by making disaster recovery a snap, streamline migrations and upgrades, and free up valuable storage space. Thus, with email archives, you can accomplish several objectives with one action.

Working together: Backups And Archives Complement Each Other To Further Secure Your Data

Earlier, we discussed how archives differ from ordinary backups. Both are essential for data security. If your network fails and you are forced into a position where you must restore your database, you still require a complete backup of that database. However, with the added advantage of email archiving, if your database backup is also corrupt, you can restore that via the archive. It’s basically a win-win situation because you have two separate locations from which you can entirely restore your database. Disaster Recovery (DR) becomes significantly more manageable. The added security is well worth the relatively small amount of time it takes to implement the archive. It’s also important to remember that by archiving your emails and other electronic communications data, you are already well on your way to meeting compliance requirements.

Make Your Upgrades And Migrations Simple

With email archiving, any future email server upgrades or migrations are made simpler. It works like this: because your archives are essentially a different storage location, your current email database is, in effect, much smaller. All of your old emails are stored in the archive. It enables IT to move the database much more quickly, with increased security and less of a risk for data corruption. Email archiving, then, is the act of streamlining your current email database for greater portability and security.

Increase Your Local Storage Space And Increase Network Performance

This is probably the most obvious advantage of implementing an email archive. Nevertheless, it’s a very important consideration, especially when viewed from the perspectives of the previous two points. A less local storage means less of a pull on the entire network. You can think of an airplane jettisoning unnecessary cargo. Except, in this case, the cargo is very important. So you free up the burden of accumulating data locally and meet compliance requirements remotely. When you free up local storage, you instantly upgrade system performance. Your company is flying lighter, with less drag…and with the security of knowing you have a data backup…and a great archive.

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