August 14, 2017 by Steven Tobolar

How a Scalable Archiving Solution Can Make Your Life Easier

Your company or organization has decided to implement an email archiving solution. But this is a piece of equipment you don’t buy on a whim. We’ve already written about what features to consider and also tackled on specific functionalities that a top-notch archiving solution should have.

One of them certainly is scalability. If your email archive is scalable, it means it is able to sustain a growing amount of data and that it has the potential to be expanded in order to accommodate that growth.

Why does it matter in practice?

Preserving the information that enters and leaves your company’s mailboxes is vital for the continual and undisturbed business operation, not only at present, but also in the years to come. A flexible, scalable archive allows you to easily adapt when your organization needs change. In other words, scalable hardware can be expanded to meet the increasing demands of your business. What if your business suddenly grows and you have to archive additional 10 or 20 mailboxes? An archive that can be enlarged will facilitate employee transitions and give you an important head start.

Why should I opt for an on-premise solution when I can get unlimited storage on the cloud?

It seems that the cloud trend is here to stay. However, there is an essential, yet commonly overlooked difference between the two options. To begin with, on-premise solutions are far superior in terms of security. Secondly, there’s the cost issue. Users often choose the cloud without much thinking, believing that it’s more affordable.

In fact, the difference lies in how the cost is structured. With on-premise solutions, the price is based on how much storage space you get, regardless of the number of users. This means that the initial cost will be a bit higher (because you have to buy the appliance), but the following years can be up to 5 times cheaper than what you’d pay for the cloud.

Based on the number of users and the typical email flow in your organization, a good email archiving provider will calculate the optimal storage needs for your business. To sum up, the cloud may be better suited for individual, private users. However, you should always choose on-premise archiving solutions if you are a business, agency or an organization.

A long-term advantage

While it’s true that hardware, on-premise solutions have a fixed amount of storage space, it doesn’t have to entail problems. Expandable, scalable solutions allow you to respond proactively and provide more space for you to archive the constantly growing volume of email and other digital communication. In other words, your archive can grow together with your business.

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Features such as deduplication, single-instance storage and compression make sure that everything that gets archived actually takes as little storage space as possible. These functionalities are vital, as they prevent the primary and the expansion unit from filling up quickly.

A top-quality archiving solution will combine a scalable, enterprise grade hardware and a powerful software that has all the three features. Finally, remember that scalability offers a long-term advantage as it allows your business and your archive to grow over time, which is much more economical than replacing the entire system with a new solution.

To find out why you need an archiving appliance with server grade hardware, read this eBook. For more info on email archiving and scalability, schedule a demo with Jatheon today.

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