December 22, 2016 by Jatheon

Compliance & eDiscovery: Main advantages of Email archiving

Think of the way your organization uses email today. Gone are the diaries, scrapbooks, and filing cabinets. These days, an email inbox is an employee’s virtual filing cabinet. With the use of email as a filing system, comes the need for an effective email archive. There is a difference between backing up and archiving. Backing up does exactly what it says on the tin. Archiving is a different kind of beast altogether. Archiving means storing older email in a way that makes searching quick and easy and makes restoring email far more straightforward.

Plentiful email archiving benefits

So what do we see as the main benefits of email archiving to our clients? They are varied but all are of great advantage to our email archiving customers. With compliance, e-discovery, and reduced IT workload to start with, it makes sense to consider an email archiving appliance for your organization.

Why does eDiscovery matter?

Compliance and e-discovery are generally the chief drivers for companies to take on email archiving solutions. Due to data protection laws and privacy legislation, organizations are today mandated to keep records of all communications and data, including email communications. Email records are increasingly called upon for evidence in legal cases, either to protect organizations or even incriminate them. If organizations are unable to produce email data when called upon by the courts or the authorities, they can face huge penalties. Taking on a comprehensive archiving solution which allows data management and search (or e-discovery) covers organizations and leaves them better prepared when records are requested.

How often will you benefit from Email archiving?

A study by Osterman Research found that traditional email management demands more than 4 hours per email user per year in IT maintenance and support. Multiply that by the number of employees in your organization and the salary required to pay IT technicians, and that is a huge demand on your annual budget. By switching to a managed email archiving appliance, costs can be slashed and predicted accurately, freeing up your IT technicians to carry out more productive work.

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