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March 30, 2017 by Jatheon

We know that storage requirements in the email world are growing at a rapid rate. An email archiving appliance, like Jatheon’s cCore helps manage email storage and retrieval more efficiently.

Email archiving can be described as a function of IT that manages all the emails within an organization. Archiving emails helps to retain and preserve data that comes in, and goes out of an organization so that it can be accessed when required: for example if your email server crashes and data is lost, or of there is a compliance or e-discovery request. This storage takes place in a centralized secure location.

“It is now mandatory for companies to maintain proper email archiving procedures and policies”

Compliance Legislation

Back in days gone by, we had to rely on our employees to effectively manage their own email archiving duties: that is we relied upon them to archive their data onto their hard drives regularly, maintain security and ensure those files weren’t altered. But today’s strict compliance legislations and legal discovery rules mean that it is now mandatory for companies to maintain proper email archiving procedures and policies. These archives must be tamper-proof and e-discovery enabled, so that old messages can be found on demand.

Email archiving advantages

How simple is email archiving?

Email archiving solutions are becoming more and more popular in the corporate world. Email archiving is carried out by capturing email data in real-time from email servers, indexing it and storing it on searchable hard drives. Archiving has many benefits including compliance with regulatory legislation, email server backup for disaster recovery and e-discovery capabilities for litigation or simply an employee productivity tool. In addition, archiving has been proven to improve the performance of the email server by offloading data.

“Archiving has many benefits including compliance with regulatory legislation”

Email archiving appliances from Jatheon offer the above advantages and more. Simple installation makes efficiency and compliance achievable for even a small business.

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