February 13, 2017 by Jatheon

Even More Advantages of Email Archiving

While we have covered many of the most important advantages that email archiving brings, for instance, compliance, litigation support, and data security, there are still others we have not discussed or have only alluded to in passing. They are knowledge management, the end of email inbox quotas and perhaps most importantly, user-based restoration.

Corporate Knowledge Management

The documentation search function of a reliable email archive is vastly superior to simple backups. In turn, this creates user-friendly knowledge management. For instance, if you have a client who is no longer in your database, but need to retrieve an old email from them, archiving makes searching that email fast and easy. Think of color coded tabs on manila folders, then think of those in the context of computing speeds. That’s how simple searches turn into knowledge management. Record-keeping has never before been so thorough and so efficient.

No More Quotas

No doubt the vagaries of email quotas can force users to delete emails which need to be kept for compliance. Often times, because there are quotas on exactly how many emails an individual may retain, he or she may be forced to send an important document to the bin without understanding the importance of the email. Emails are fantastic for their speed and ease of use, therefore, even more documents are being sent via email, either as images or text. For the former, images use quite a bit more space than do their text-based cousins. So, another great point about archives is that they will ultimately save you storage space and end the need for individual quotas.

User-based Documents Restoration

Your administrators can save valuable time because they will not have to restore documents themselves. User-based restoration is a vital function of archiving. No more superfluous helpdesk calls and tedious, time-consuming tasks.

Email archiving is a multifaceted solution for your organization with a myriad of cross-functional benefits.

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