March 20, 2017 by Jatheon

Email Archiving and Its Wealth of Benefits

Are you considering email archiving, but not sure if there are any real benefits? We like to remind all of our clients about the importance of data compliance. In fact, sometimes we can sound like a broken record, but email archiving isn’t just about data compliance. It is a practice that brings a host of other benefits too and could make your working life a lot easier.

Is your email server being used as a data storage facility?

The truth is, most employees are using their mailboxes as digital filing cabinets for data storage. This is taking up space on the email server and decreasing the email server’s performance while employees are trying to store, filter and sort through growing amounts of data.

“Archiving of email eliminates the need to store old messages on email servers”

Archiving of email eliminates the need to store old messages on email servers, which in turn frees up valuable space on the email server. An email archiving appliance is a one step solution in a box that stores all email with simple search capabilities and comes in a range of sizes tailored for any size of business.

Securing Email Data

Conforming to compliance and securing data

Still not convinced? Another reason for companies to archive their email is in order to preserve data, should their computer systems fail. Backing up every so often to a hard disk is all well and good, but it won’t produce up to date email archives for use when it is desired.

“While external hard drives allow you to backup data, they don’t meet compliance guidelines of archived data”

While external hard drives allow you to recover older data that has been accidentally deleted or destroyed, they don’t meet compliance guidelines of archived data, and not all the data can be retrieved. On top of this, external hard drives aren’t secured in the same way as a purpose built email archiving appliance. The data on these hard drives also won’t be indexed like an email archive and can be extremely time-consuming to restore.

The reasons above should be enough to convince you of the need for an email archiving appliance.

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