April 23, 2018 by Jatheon

5 Benefits of Archiving Email with Jatheon

We asked our clients why they chose Jatheon among the many vendors on the enterprise information archiving market. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Superior Search Options

In order for administrators, COs and end users to demonstrate compliance, ensure a swift eDiscovery response and manage and export archived emails and other unstructured ESI, they first need to be able to locate the items they’re looking for. Of all the features that information archiving tools possess, Search is the one you’ll use most often, and it must never let you down. To be able to search thousands or even millions of messages, especially when you’re pressed for time, you need your Search functionality to be super fast, extremely powerful and work like a charm. Ours has been referred to as “the most advanced search functionality in the archiving industry” and here’s why.

In information archiving, Search is the feature you’ll use most often, and it must never let you down. Click To Tweet

Jatheon’s archiving software possesses two Search options ‒ Quick Search and Advanced Search. Quick search is primarily built for regular staff members with limited permissions and it allows them to search their own mailboxes. It contains various search criteria which help you find specific messages in an instant. If your attachments are .pdf or word files, Jatheon’s search feature can go into the compressed attachments and actually search through them. If you get a large number of results, there is a handy option that’s called “subsearch” or “search within a search” which allows you to very quickly narrow down your results. Advanced Search is used by admins and compliance officers to search multiple mailboxes and for complicated queries. It’s unique because it allows you to perform customized searches and lets you configure your search parameters. Using a combination of search parameters and logical operators, Jatheon’ software gives you a variety of options to search the database to the most granular level. You can find out more about our Search functionality here and here.

2. Jatheon Care

In Jatheon, we believe that premium products need to be coupled with premium support and maintenance. That’s why our cCore on-premise archiving solutions are all backed by Jatheon Care, a comprehensive customer service and support plan. After purchasing a cCore appliance, you become eligible for a number of services that other vendors typically consider premium support and charge extra.

With Jatheon Care, your appliance will be monitored 24/7 and our Support team will know if there are any software, hardware or network issues. This allows the team to react quickly and proactively. We’re always trying to add new functionalities and incorporate under-the-hood bug fixes for improved performance. That’s why you’ll occasionally get free software updates. At Jatheon, we’ll ingest your legacy data for free, help you configure the backup of your archived data and provide you with all the resources, tutorials and trainings to make your onboarding easier. Clients often say that our Support Team is unlike any other. They’ll make sure your archiving experience is always smooth and worry free. We take pride in our record response times, thousands of questions answered and all those 5-star ratings.

3. Free Hardware Refresh

At Jatheon, we’re aware that hardware can’t last forever. We also know that customers only think about hardware replacement when it’s too late. To keep you ahead of the technology curve, we added a special something to Jatheon Care. Not only do we repair and replace your malfunctioned hardware components free of charge, but we also offer free appliance replacement. We believe that replacing a running appliance is better than replacing one that has failed. That’s why every client who has regularly paid the yearly maintenance fee will get a brand new appliance after 4 years. Even if your original one is still doing fine. Read more here.

In Jatheon, we believe that replacing a running appliance is better than replacing one that has failed. #FreeHardwareReplacement Click To Tweet

4. Enhanced Data Protection

Data corruption happens over time. All the time. The culprits are usually bugs, EMI or poor electrical current distribution. In information archiving, you need your data securely stored for years. That’s why in Jatheon, we use self-healing storage technology that continuously repairs damaged data so that your archived information stays perfectly safe and retrievable. ZFS is what controls our entire storage system and ensures that data stored on disks can’t be lost due to physical error, bit rot and data corruption. Why do we love it so much? ZFS taks large numbers of snapshots of the entire data system several times an hour without degrading performance. These snapshots are unchangeable copies of the file system which are used to patch or update the system if something goes wrong. They also mitigate data loss in case of malicious activities or errors. Moreover, ZFS is designed for long-term data storage and it has an unparalleled ability to neutralize silent data corruption as well as accelerate the rebuilding of RAID arrays. For more info on ZFS, read this blog post.

5. Enterprise-Grade Hardware

As companies move their archives to the cloud, we know better. We can guarantee that on-premise storage solutions are safer than cloud-based platforms. To be able to support quick location and retrieval of files and ensure top performance, your archiving solution needs to be very fast and reliable. It can’t be prone to data corruption, hardware failure or power outages. It needs to be as powerful, fast and reliable as a server, which runs non-stop and handles massive amounts of data. This is why you should look for an appliance with server grade hardware.

Server grade hardware is built for the rigors of the server environment. Unlike consumer hardware, which is designed for lighter and shorter use in consumer electronics such as desktop computers or smartphones, server grade hardware is built to endure uninterrupted use and the heavy workload of enterprises. If your archiver has consumer grade hardware, any glitch in your appliance could cause data loss, which goes against the main purpose of archiving. All Jatheon appliances contain server grade chipsets, ECC RAM, SAS hard drives, RAID Array and the redundant power supply unit. For detailed info on specifications, see data sheets in our Library. For more info on must-have hardware and software features in archiving, read this white paper.

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