Archiving Talks – Things to Know When Buying Archiving Products

November 11, 2019 by Jatheon

What features to look for when buying an email archiving solution? Can free, bundled products live up to the standards necessary for ediscovery and proper management of electronic records?

We talked to Marko Dinic, CEO of Jatheon Technologies and Jeff Marlow, VP Business Development to get some answers.

What advice would you give to organizations looking for an archiving solution?

Marko: The first thing is that you might have a product bundled at a lower price and that’s not necessarily the first thing that needs to be considered. One of the first things that needs to be considered is what are the requirements of your archiving and ediscovery for legal and HR purposes. And those requirements need to be carefully considered and matched against the feature set of various different archiving vendors so that you have maximum efficiency when it comes to ediscovery, which basically helps prevent paying all kinds of different fines for various different timeline misses. It also assures that you can provide the full data sets that you need to provide for various different ediscoveries. So, the feature set needs to match the requirements and then that whole solution needs to be considered as a whole.

Watch Marko Dinic and Jeff Marlow talk about the regulations and trends that will shape the email archiving industry in the complete Archiving Talks video.

Archiving Talks - Things to Know When Buying Archiving Products Video

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