How to Effortlessly Migrate from Any Archiving Solution to Jatheon

October 09, 2017 by Jatheon

If your organization is unhappy with your current email archiving services provider, you don’t have to be stuck with them forever. Many organizations are dissatisfied with their legacy archives, but are reluctant to change the archiving company because they worry about the potential data loss associated with archive migration.

What is archive migration?

Archive migration is the process of transferring your archived data from one archiving solution to another or between storage types and file formats. It is a key consideration for the implementation of archiving systems, as well as in cases when the archiving company offers free hardware upgrades, like we do.


When you need to migrate massive amounts of data (20 or 30 million of emails), or when your archiving system is being upgraded, the migration process can turn out to be much more demanding than expected. Some vendors offer only basic migration tools or don’t provide any support at all. Also, old email archives may be incompatible with new technologies. This can leave organizations feeling that their data is locked into old technology.

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Jatheon’s Effective Archive Migration

Manually migrating email archives can take months and it’s a waste of time that most organizations can’t afford. At Jatheon, we offer a specially designed, automated migration program from other email archiving systems. We have successfully migrated our customers from almost every major archiving platform. Here’s how the whole process works in practice:

Firstly, we ask our new clients to prepare and export their old archived emails in .PST or .EML formats. Once Jatheon’s appliance is configured and put in production, it automatically starts archiving new emails in real time. Simultaneously, it starts importing the legacy database (from the client’s old archiving device or cloud) prepared on the shared drive. How? The client’s IT staff need to create a shared folder and export their prepared data there. Jatheon’s appliance connects with this drive, and the migration process can begin! Jatheon’s Ergo software then imports the data in time periods that can be customized ‒ it could be every 3 hours, 6 hours, once a day or whenever you find convenient.

Can my data get stuck or lost in the process?

That’s not an option with Jatheon. All your emails will be date-stamped. This means that they will be ingested and indexed with their original date of creation, so no metadata will be lost. The simultaneous archiving of real-time and legacy email data is not something that should worry you. In case there are too many legacy emails to be imported at a time, a queue will be formed and they will be imported as soon as possible.

How much time does it take?

Jatheon’s powerful cCore archiving appliance can ingest between 2 and 4 million of emails daily. In case your organization is migrating 20 million emails, the entire migration process will take approximately 10 days. The biggest benefit is that Jatheon’s solution will be able to do it automatically. The only effort required on your part is for your IT staff to prepare the legacy files and export them to the shared drive. The migration itself is completely free and you only pay for the email archiving appliance and an annual maintenance fee.

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If you’re interested in migrating your archive to Jatheon, contact us. To learn more about our archiving solution, schedule a demo today and we’ll give you a walkthrough.

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