GDPR compliance for email

✔️Fully GDPR Compliant Data Archiving Solutions
Retain email, social media and mobile communications in a unified, secure repository to stay in line with compliance regulations.

Search personal unstructured data
Article 2, 4, 9, 23, 24, 25
Use advanced search to customize your queries and find precise information in vast amounts of data in record time.

Data subject access requests
Article 15, 16, 24
Respond to data subject access requests easily and efficiently.

Record email processing
Article 7, 23, 30
Stamp emails to record processing activities. Compatible with all email platforms.

Manage and review data
Article 7, 24, 25
Create custom data retention policies and limit access to certain data to protect your business.

Secure email and file data
Article 7, 24, 25, 32
Protect, encrypt, compress and secure email and file data. Your data is saved in a mandated, write-once-read-many format that allows easy access but prevents message tampering and evidence spoliation.

Massive cost reduction
Article 15, 16, 17, 20
Reduce costs by minimizing your data storage overheads. Automatically dispose of all messages after the retention period expires and get fresh storage space to archive new content.

✔️Complete GDPR Compliance

Flexible, scalable and expandable
Need to archive more? The modular design of Jatheon’s hardware solutions lets you add storage easily by using cost-effective expansion units. If you need to archive data other than email, you can add optional social and mobile archiving functionalities based on your specific needs.

24/7 tech support and monitoring
Jatheon’s 24/7 remote monitoring delivers system status and performance data to our technical team for a fast, proactive response to any issue. An in-house team of support engineers will assist you with setup and the ingestion of legacy data, as well as provide training and help you with any issues you might encounter along the way.

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