Email Archiving – Why You Need Full Audit Trails

July 26, 2017 by Jatheon

You’re considering adopting an email archiving solution, but you don’t know what software features to look for? Or maybe you’re already archiving but aren’t sure what kind of actions you can perform on your appliance. Today we talk about the importance of audit trails.

Different people have different permissions

When it comes to your archiving tool, different employees in your company or organization will be assigned different roles. The typical three are those of the admin, the compliance officer(s) and the users. They will have different permissions in terms of access to the archiving appliance and what kind of actions they can perform on it.

The users are only given access to their own mailboxes and they have limited options in terms of search. Compliance officers are given wider permissions ‒ they are the so-called privileged users who can search through all mailboxes. Nonetheless, they still don’t have access to some of the admin roles. Admins are the only persons who have access to everything and who can configure the appliance or assign different roles to employees.

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Why is this important?

The email archiving appliance needs to guarantee a tamper-proof archive in order for the business to stay compliant and eDiscovery-ready. One of the biggest advantages of email archiving is that it prevents the deliberate or inadvertent manipulation of your important files. This is vital because the company needs to prove the integrity of specific emails in case they’re used as evidence in a legal case.

A high-quality email archiving solution enables admins and compliance officers to perform audits. The audit feature offers a read-only log which is used to track activities on the appliance. It also allows authorized staff members to view the history of activities of a specific user (or another compliance officer) within a specific date range. For instance, if an employee attempts to access a section they are not authorized to access, this activity will be recorded in the audit trail. The appliance allows admins to check whether specific keywords have been searched, which users looked for what data, whether they attempted to modify certain rules or whether somebody tried to overstep their authority.

The audit feature allows you to monitor user activities and prevent potential data tampering. Click To Tweet

In order to remain compliant with government laws and regulations, you have to make sure your archiving solution offers full audit trails. Monitoring user activities will give you the ultimate control of your data, allow you to track unauthorized activities, prevent data alterations and ensure full compliance.

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