Why On-Premise Email Archiving Solutions Are Still a Good Investment [White Paper]

November 08, 2018 by Jatheon

In recent years, the email archiving community has been turning to cloud-based solutions. The trend has been overwhelming, and sturdy, reliable hardware solutions were suddenly characterized as “obsolete”, “last-century”, “vintage” and “cumbersome”. Cloud archives are advertised as innovative, flexible, simple and scalable and their advantages are reflected in ease of access, support for various devices including mobile, fast upgrades and bottomless storage. But not everyone is eager to swap their appliance for the hosted solution. The considerations are plentiful.

This white paper provides an overview of various deployment options available in email archiving today, putting special emphasis on the differences between hardware and cloud email archiving solutions. Finally, it lists seven major reasons why on-premise systems are still superior when compared to the cloud.

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