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Why On-Premise Email Archiving Solutions Are Still a Good Investment [White Paper]

In recent years, the email archiving community has been turning to cloud-based solutions. The trend has been overwhelming, and sturdy, reliable hardware solutions were suddenly characterized as “obsolete”, “last-century”, “vintage” and “cumbersome”. Cloud archives are advertised as innovative, flexible, simple and scalable and their advantages are reflected in ease of access, support for various devices including mobile, fast upgrades and bottomless storage. But not everyone is eager to swap their appliance for the hosted solution. The considerations are plentiful.

This white paper provides an overview of various deployment options available in email archiving today, putting special emphasis on the differences between hardware and cloud email archiving solutions. Finally, it lists seven major reasons why on-premise systems are still superior when compared to the cloud.

On-Premise Email Archiving Solutions

Robust. Reliable. Secure.

Powerful on-premise email archiving and ediscovery solutions

Our passion for data security, compliance and information governance drives us to create robust and flexible archiving solutions that can archive various corporate content ‒ email, social media, mobile calls, texts, instant messages and videos.
Ensure compliance with FINRA, SEC17a-4, HIPAA, SOX and other federal, state and industry laws.

One of the top-rated email archiving products on independent websites

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All-in-one email archiving solution

Jatheon Archiving Suite is a powerful, modular, on-premise archiving solution that lets businesses capture, store, retrieve, audit and manage email and other unstructured enterprise information.

Jatheon cCore

Jatheon cCore

Jatheon cCore is a robust archiving appliance with server-grade hardware and sophisticated email archiving software. Scalable, expandable and email platform agnostic, cCore empowers businesses to comply with regulations, avoid lawsuits and protect the integrity of their brands by taking control of their communication data.

Jatheon Care

Jatheon Care

Backed by Jatheon Care, our unique customer service, maintenance and support plan, Jatheon Archiving Suite lets your business archive everything — from email and attachments to social media and mobile.

Jatheon Advanced Search

Why archive email with Jatheon Archiving Suite

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

  • Define retention periods to mirror relevant regulations
  • Create custom policy rules and get alerts in case of violations
  • Expunge email automatically after retention period expires
  • Record and monitor actions using the audit trail feature
  • Message integrity verification for data authenticity

Streamline Ediscovery

  • Create custom levels of access for ultimate control over your archived data
  • Conduct quick or advanced searches to find what you’re looking for in terabytes of data
  • The fastest and most precise search functionality in the archiving industry
  • Export to PST, PDF or EML
  • Apply legal hold and retain specific messages indefinitely

A Complete Email Compliance Solution

  • Easy compliance with FINRA, SEC17a-4, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, IRS, FDA, FRCP
  • Exchange and Office 365 email archiving
  • Outlook plugin: Access, search and manage your archive directly from Outlook

Improve Data Governance

  • Analyze your archived data and get insight you can use across all departments
  • Prevent employee misconduct and detect problems before they escalate
  • Learn about your personnel and boost productivity

A Single Solution to Archive Everything

  • A secure and cost-effective on-premise solution with advanced archival capabilities
  • Archive email, attachments, social media, mobile calls, texts and WhatsApp using a single solution
  • Avoid the risks associated with cloud environment
  • Enhanced security and maximum oversight on your own premises
  • Secure long-term storage and prevention of bit rot and data corruption

Jatheon Care

  • 24/7 remote monitoring
  • Free hardware maintenance and software updates
  • Free hardware replacement every four years
  • Outstanding support along the way
  • Free legacy data importing and migration
  • Assistance with archive backup

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Jatheon Archiving Suite

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Jatheon cCore

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Jatheon Care

Choose an email archiver that matches your unique needs

We believe our solutions are for everyone – large enterprises and smaller companies alike. Most of our appliances are easily expandable so that your archive can grow together with your business.





Jatheon vCore email archiving virtual appliance

Optimize hardware resources, cut costs and ensure scalability by deploying a virtual solution for email archiving in your own environment. Jatheon’s virtual deployment lets you combine your existing hardware infrastructure with fourth-gen data archiving capabilities.

It’s our configuration, on your terms.

Jatheon’s virtual email archiving appliances are fully compatible with VMware vSphere and come in five different configurations with storage capacity ranging from 500 MB to 6 TB. We only charge for the initial setup, after which you get a lifetime license.

Jatheon vCore Virtual Machine

Scalable as the cloud, reliable as the appliance

Virtualized environments are a convenient solution for email archiving because of scalability, flexibility and simple deployment combined with the reliability and control associated with hardware solutions.

Archive multiple data types

Archive emails, 20+social media channels, texts, calls and instant messages to meet data retention and compliance standards. Control access to your sensitive communications data and intellectual property.

24/7 in-House tech support

The Jatheon vCore virtual archiving appliance is backed by an annual support contract consisting of software updates and 24/7 in-house tech support by email and phone.

Full feature set of Jatheon’s hardware appliance

Jatheon’s email archiving virtual appliance comes with the complete eDiscovery and compliance feature set, including dynamic user roles, customizable retention periods, legal hold and activity trail.

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Jatheon CTRL

Jatheon CTRL is the optional SaaS-based social media, mobile and IM archiving add-on that can be integrated into cCore’s archiving software.

Jatheon Additional Modules

Archive all major social media

Archive social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr, Pinterest, Flickr and more. You can activate social media archiving at any time and combine it with your email archive to enable integrated search, retention and retrieval.

Mobile and WhatsApp archiving

Archive phone calls from most carriers around the world, as well as SMS, MMS and voicemail using both carrier deployment and Android or iOS apps. Support for both BYOD and enterprise-owned phones. Complete archiving support for WhatsApp for all iOS and Android devices and OS versions.

Archive everything from a single platform

The modular design of our archiving solution allows you to monitor and archive your entire corporate communication using a single interface. Once enabled, Jatheon CTRL appears as an additional functionality in your cCore archiving software.

Search, manage and export easily

Jatheon CTRL allows you to search social media posts, mobile calls, texts, MMS and voicemail using 20+ search criteria. You’ll be able to view messages before and after the given message, apply retention policies and legal holds, as well as export records to PST or transcript.

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Other Add-Ons

Smart options for added security and scalability of your archive.

Jatheon Xpand

Add storage to your existing cCore setup using our cost-effective expansion units. Available sizes: 8TB, 12TB, 24TB, 48TB.

Jatheon Cloud Backup

Ensure additional safety of your archived data by mirroring data captured by Jatheon cCore.

Jatheon DR

Get a secondary disaster recovery appliance where data is replicated from the archive appliance for added security.

data migrator

Jatheon Auto Migrator

Migrate from legacy and competitor solutions seamlessly and reliably using Jatheon’s automated migration.

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Schedule Your Personal Demo

Look inside Jatheon’s solution to see how to better manage your corporate email and messaging data. Leave us your contact details and we’ll get in touch and show you around.

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