Jatheon Archiving Suite Product Overview

by Jatheon

If your organization wishes to handle data archiving in house, Jatheon’s on-premise archiving solutions will let you do just that and give you that added sense of security and control over your data.

Jatheon Archiving Suite is an enterprise-grade hardware archiving product that is comprised of a mandatory email archiving appliance and a proprietary software called Jatheon cCore. Jatheon Archiving Suite is intended for medium-sized organizations and large enterprises that wish to have complete control of the archiving process.

As a full suite of rack-mounted appliances, cCore is comprised of several different appliance models that vary mainly in storage capacity, processing speed, expandability, form factor, RAID level and price. There’s a total of 6 appliances ranging from 6 to 96 terabytes, five of which are expandable in case you need additional storage in the future. All cCore appliances are designed with the necessary functionality to empower businesses to comply with regulations, avoid lawsuits, and protect the integrity of their brands by taking control of their communication.

In order for your organization to meet the new regulatory requirements and best archiving practices, you can easily activate and combine the optional modules based on the specific requirements for your industry and the unique needs of your business.

There’s Jatheon CTRL, the optional social media, mobile calls, texts and instant message archiving module. Next, you can choose the Jatheon Cloud Backup module to easily back up your archived data in the cloud. With Jatheon DR, you can make a cluster of two appliances, and use the second appliance for data replication and redundancy. Finally, Jatheon’s cost-effective expansion units – Jatheon Xpand, will make sure there’s always fresh storage space in your archive.

To sum it all up, Jatheon Archiving Suite is a secure, on-premise archiving solution that can be customized to retain, manage and retrieve various kinds of unstructured enterprise data. It will help your organization to maintain proper governance while mitigating compliance, legal and storage risks. If you’d like to learn more and see how it works in practice, book a personal tour of Jatheon Archiving Suite.

For more information about our on-premise solutions, visit our Jatheon Archiving Suite product page.

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