On-Premise Email Archiving – Jatheon CTRL Module

by Jatheon

The way we communicate has changed. Organizations, large and small, increasingly rely on social media for outreach, promotion, support and communication with customers, and regulated industries are no exception. In healthcare, 50% of physicians have follow-up discussions using instant messaging apps. In education, teachers exchange important updates via text messages. Official statements by government representatives get shared on social media platforms, from official or their own private accounts.

Thanks to these trends, the laws and regulations that govern the retention of electronic records today go beyond the retention of email. Most of them, like Freedom of Information Act, FINRA, SEC or HIPAA now regulate the retention of these alternative communication channels.

To help organizations to achieve full compliance and respond to eDiscovery and public requests more easily, we created Jatheon CTRL ‒ a social media, mobile and instant messages archiving add-on that’s integrated into Jatheon’s email archiving software, Jatheon cCore. Such a concept allows your business to archive and control all enterprise information using a single platform.

With Jatheon, you will be able to capture content from all major social media, instant messaging and video channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp and others. You can also archive phone calls from most carriers around the world, SMS, MMS and voicemail using both carrier deployment and Android or iOS apps. Your Jatheon CTRL package will be based on the specific needs of your organization and the channels you’re using.

With Jatheon CTRL, you’ll be able to search your social media records using the same criteria you use to search email. You’ll also be able to apply retention policies, freeze data for ediscovery, download them or export them to PST.

By adding Jatheon CTRL to your existing email archiving setup, you’ll be able to monitor, archive and control your entire corporate records landscape. This will help you ensure full compliance with state and industry regulations, improve your legal and open records response times and boost governance and business productivity.

If you’d like to learn how your organization can archive social media, instant messages, mobile calls and texts with Jatheon, visit our Jatheon Archiving Suite add-ons page.

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