When to Choose a Cloud Email Archiving Solution

August 27, 2018 by Jatheon

Email archiving technology solutions can be deployed in several different ways. After the short-lived, complex software solutions of the early 2000s, the predominant models were archiving appliances, better known as on-premise or in-house archiving solutions. Although on-prem archives still have their loyal supporters, the email archiving industry has changed profoundly since the advance of cloud technology.

On-Premise vs. Cloud

In on-premise deployment, archiving appliances are located in an organization’s office. This deployment type is typical of large enterprises that have an IT infrastructure necessary to maintain and manage the solution. The advantages include the total control of the archiving process, increased security and easy monitoring of access. On-premise solutions are paid per storage space.

Although large enterprises that prioritize security still advocate in-house archives, there has been a rapid rise of cloud-based archiving solutions. With cloud archiving solutions, email and other company data are kept in cloud environment, with the archiving services provider in charge of data security and availability. An obvious advantage is that there are no physical servers to be maintained. Cloud solutions are priced based on the number of mailboxes to be archived and are paid as a fixed per-user monthly or yearly fee. But how do you know that a cloud solution is the right choice for your business? Here’s a checklist that you can use as guidance when exploring your options:

1. You are a small business

If you are an SMB, chances are your IT team is quite small. Maybe you don’t have strict compliance regulations to adhere to, but improving information governance and defining email policies are important issues for companies of all sizes. If you don’t have the resources to support an on-premise setup, choosing a cloud archiving service will solve these issues for you.

Even if you don’t have to worry about compliance, information governance and email policies are good reasons to adopt an archiving solution. #CloudArchiving Click To Tweet

This doesn’t mean that you should go for any cloud archiving services provider. Several email servers like Gmail, Exchange or Office 365 have built-in archiving capabilities. Their strengths lie in ease of deployment and seamless integration. Still, there are some considerable drawbacks of such an approach – very basic and often inefficient search functionality, trouble with export and the lack of customization and complexity commonly found in third-party solutions. Put in some effort into research and remember that only a detailed analysis of your unique needs will help you decide on the right solution.

2. You need remote access to archive

The way we do business is going through some major changes. An increasing number of small and medium-sized businesses embrace telecommuting, promote agility and wish to remain mobile in their business. With a cloud-based solution, end users, legal teams, compliance officers and administrators can access the archive from various devices, locations and operating systems.

3. You need to optimize costs

As governance controls get tighter, the pressure to reduce costs keeps growing. Cloud-based archiving solutions are financed from the operating budget and, given that they’re sold per mailbox, your initial costs will be much lower than what you’d have to spend on an archiving appliance. On-prem systems require at least some infrastructure and IT staff, which inevitably increases costs. With cloud-based solutions, organizations don’t need IT personnel who would set up, manage and support the solution. This usually results in considerable cost-savings.

With cloud-based solutions, organizations don’t need IT personnel who would set up, manage and support the solution. This usually results in considerable cost-savings. #CloudArchiving #EmailArchiving Click To Tweet

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Jatheon is a global leader in email, social media and mobile communications archiving with 15 years of experience with regulated industries. This October, we’re launching a next-generation cloud archiving solution. To get a better idea of how email archiving began and what’s coming next, read this guide on the history of archiving.

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