October 23, 2017 by Steven Tobolar

Compatibility – How Jatheon Works with Gmail

When your business decides to archive email, there are several steps to be taken before making the purchase. You’ll need to choose between the on-premise or software-only solution and carefully examine the software features that your archiver should possess.

But don’t forget about compatibility. Ensuring that your archiving appliance is platform agnostic (able to work seamlessly with all major mail server software) is a key consideration when purchasing email archiving technology. In today’s blog post, we explore how Jatheon’s solution works with Gmail.

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While corporations and other large clients prefer mail platforms such as Office365 or Exchange, some of our clients decide to go with Gmail. Google’s email service with shareable calendars and Google Docs is an all-in-one package that is a favorite among small businesses. We have tailored our archiving appliance to make it fully compatible with all major email platforms including Gmail. Here’s how it works in practice:

A word or two about journaling

When somebody sends an email, it has to go through a mail server. Journaling is an important process in which email communication is recorded and preserved in order to be used for retention or archiving purposes. During the process, all original messages that are delivered to your inbox get examined. A copy of each message is made and it then gets rerouted to the Jatheon archiving appliance. Although you can create specific journaling rules to specify which messages should be captured and archived, we always advise our clients to follow best practices and archive all of them.

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Guided by our devoted Support Team, the client creates a Journaling mailbox and selects options to enforce content-based policies for inbound, outbound and/or internal emails. The copies of all messages that are sent and received will then be sent to the newly-created central journaling mailbox. A server will then periodically connect to the mailbox using the IMAP protocol and transfer the messages to Jatheon’s archive. This usually occurs every 10 minutes, although it’s fully customizable. The initial configuration process takes next to no time. The settings will take effect after 30 minutes and the process of sending messages to the archive mailbox will begin automatically.

If you are an educational institution with Google for Education, a company or a startup that loves Google but needs to archive, we can help. Schedule a demo today and learn more about the archiving process.

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