January 22, 2018 by Bojana Krstic

How to Improve Cost-Effectiveness with Information Archiving

Even in 2018, when enterprise information archiving is an established best practice, you’d still be forgiven for thinking that an archiving solution, another piece of hardware, will only increase your costs. In fact, email archives can be cost-effective in a number of ways ‒ that being only one of the many benefits they can add to your company.

An on-premise email archiver is a piece of hardware that’s primarily used as a compliance and eDiscovery solution, but it can also help you to cut down costs. Share on X

Eliminate Storage Concerns

If you were to attempt to archive your emails without a dedicated solution, your business-critical information, including private and sensitive data, could end up scattered across multiple servers and hard drives. These servers need to be kept running and need constant maintenance. Hard drives need to be backed up regularly onto additional hard drives. The costs of running and maintaining such a system accumulate over time. An information archiving solution completely eliminates these costs. Instead, you would only need to run a single piece of hardware that gets all the work done.

Relieve Pressure

Without an archiving solution, the pressure on your system has the potential to cause costly problems. With resources straining under the pressure to keep your email, social media and other communications data stored, the systems gradually slow down and are more likely to fail, not to mention the loss of data that comes with failure. An email archive stores your data in a secure repository, relieves your email servers and hard drives of the unnecessary pressure and minimizes the risk of failure.

Facilitate Retrieval and eDiscovery

Time saved through fast email, social media and IM communication can easily turn into time lost on data retrieval and eDiscovery. Some Fortune 1000 companies spend as much as $30 million on eDiscovery annually. With 25% of respondents from various industries anticipating that litigation against their companies will increase over the next year and given the fact that the GDPR is soon coming into force in Europe, it is alarming that almost 40% of corporations have not employed eDiscovery technologies yet.

Some Fortune 1000 companies pay as much as $30 million for #eDiscovery annually. Share on X

Precisely for these reasons, there is a growing need for companies to create reliable information management and financial strategies that can ensure business continuity through complete information availability, physical security of data and a sustainable model for cost handling. Information archiving allows organizations to quickly and effortlessly retrieve all relevant data needed for a litigation case and prevents expensive physical data reviews and fines for a late or incomplete eDiscovery response.

Boost Productivity

An average office worker spends 28% of the work week handling email. A large portion of this time is spent on organizing and decluttering mailboxes, as well as on deleting unnecessary email in order to avoid hitting the company-established email quotas.The number of emails processed daily leads to higher stress levels and a shorter attention span and increases the risk of omitting, deleting or sharing sensitive or confidential information that can put companies at risk.

The large number of emails processed daily increases the risk of deleting or sharing confidential or sensitive business information. Share on X

An employee might delete certain business-critical messages by accident and create huge problems for your organization down the road. An information archiving solution eliminates the need for email quotas and allow employees to purge messages without worrying about potential consequences because duplicates (with all metadata) are stored safely in your archive. Finally, it allows both the end users and your IT staff to focus on more important tasks.

To sum up, with an information archiving solution that offers full indexing, archiving and instant access to thousands, even millions of emails and other content, your company will be able to save and protect its valuable data in a stable, easily searchable format, and do so in a time and energy-saving way. Thanks to automatization, working hours spent on eDiscovery and technical maintenance are reduced to the lowest possible level, ultimately resulting in lower staff costs.

To learn more about the benefits of information archiving, watch this webinar. To find out how Jatheon can assist you in implementing an archiving solution, schedule a personal demo today.

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