August 09, 2021 by Bojana Krstic

Twitter Archiving, Updated Social Media Export and More on Jatheon Cloud

Plenty of news in this most recent round of updates to Jatheon Cloud data archiving software.
We rolled out a couple of major new features and capabilities, so let’s see what’s new this August:

Twitter Archiving

Organizations can now archive another social media channel with the Jatheon Cloud data archiving software – after Facebook and WhatsApp, we’re happy to announce that we’ve just added Twitter archiving to our Jatheon Cloud capabilities.

Just like with Facebook and WhatsApp, Jatheon Cloud can be used as a standalone social media archiving software to archive only Twitter.

Alternatively, organizations can integrate the archiving of all relevant communication channels and have a unified archive with the combination email and Twitter, for instance. This would allow them to search, manage and export different kinds of communication records using the same solution and interface, while saving time and money in the process.

Social Media Twitter Post and Tagged

Jatheon Cloud captures the following content from Twitter – posts, quotes, retweets, replies, messages (conversations including text, audio and video content) and polls.

View Raw Email Message

After some feedback from customers, we decided to add another single email action and allow Jatheon Cloud users to view raw email messages.

After conducting a search and locating the email in question, users can now see the new option in the “More” menu. Viewing the raw email message will allow them to see where the email came from by looking at complete headers and metadata.

Search Results Single Actions

Improved Retention

Once the compliance officer (or any other person whose Jatheon Cloud role allows them to create retention policies) creates a new retention policy using tags, it’s now possible to notify the appropriate person by email when new emails matching the specified retention criteria are found.

Retention Tag Creation

Under “Notify”, the compliance officer just needs to specify the email address of the person to be notified, and they will then receive email notifications once a day informing them about the new hits.

Export Social Media Items to HTML

Once a social media search is conducted, it’s possible to export the search results to HTML. There are two ways to download the exported social media items – 1) by clicking the link in the email which will be sent to you once the export process has been completed; and 2) by visiting the Export section within the Jatheon Cloud platform. In this section, you’ll also be able to view the complete list of exports together with their statuses.

Social Media Search Results Facebook Post Export

Improvements of the Import Section

Finally, the Jatheon Cloud import section has been improved to display a table with detailed statistics and the statuses of various ingestions.

Jatheon Cloud Import Statuses

Remember that you can get more information about each of these updates and access the full step-by-step guides and articles in Jatheon’s Support Center.

Jatheon Cloud is an AWS-based data archiving software, which can archive email, social media and instant messages to assist organizations with business intelligence, legal discovery and data retention compliance requirements.

To learn more about how Jatheon Cloud can help you capture, retain and produce social media records for compliance and ediscovery, get in touch with us or book a 20-minute demo.
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