November 12, 2019 by Bojana Krstic

Product Update: Better Import, MSP Section and LDAP on Jatheon Cloud

The Jatheon Cloud email archiving platform is growing and we’re happy to share the news with you first!

In our recent product update, we rolled out a couple of improvements and new features that we’re sure your account admins will love.

The Import Section

As the account administrator, you’ll now be able to select all files for ingestion. As you know, it was only possible to manually select files before this recent update. Moreover, you’ll be able to search files by name and status.

Jatheon Cloud Import and Filter

Jatheon Cloud for Managed Service Providers

The biggest update to our Jatheon Cloud platform is the MSP section – a space dedicated to Managed Service Providers – special Jatheon Cloud clients who will be able to have and manage their own clients.

Given our experience that small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with limited IT capabilities, as well as public agencies that often face budget and hiring limitations tend to contract with MSPs, we wanted to accommodate those users who are not able to manage Jatheon Cloud independently.

If you are an MSP managing Jatheon Cloud for your own clients, a Jatheon Admin will add someone from your company as an MSP Admin, who will then receive an email and set up the password they’ll be using to log into Jatheon Cloud.

Next, one of Jatheon’s Admins will create and onboard your client(s), after which you’ll be able to manage the client(s) and the associated users, as well as access the audit log.

Jatheon MSP Client List

Remember that as an MSP administrator, you won’t be able to create your own clients – this will still remain the responsibility of Jatheon Support. However, you’ll be able to edit, activate, deactivate and delete a client.

Under the Users section, MSP admins can pick a client, see their users, log in as a particular user, initiate password reset and delete a user. There can be up to 10 admins for one MSP.

Jatheon MSP Users Options

Jatheon MSP Audit log

Password Reset

Another (minor, yet glorious) addition to Jatheon Cloud is the option for both an MSP admin and Jatheon Support to initiate password reset for a particular user. No more getting stuck at login!

User Import Through LDAP

Now this one will make both the Jatheon Support team and MSPs happy – the latest update will make it possible to import users to Jatheon Cloud through LDAP.

Jatheon MSP LDAP Set

Jatheon MSP LDAP Connection Setup

Jatheon MSP LDAP Connection Options

The other enhancements we made to Jatheon Cloud in this update relate mostly to how our Support Team manages the platform behind the scenes.

If you aren’t using Jatheon Cloud to manage and archive your business email, you can book a 30-minute demo or learn more about the product.

If you’re a Jatheon Cloud customer and have an idea for improvement, send us a message and we’ll let our development team know.

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