Email Archiving: The Future of Storage for Your Message Data

April 06, 2016 by Jatheon

The majority of people send multiple emails every day. It’s quick and easy to communicate with others – be it with your co-workers/clients, your family, or your friends. An email is a critical tool for all businesses – it enables the company to record conversations and retain them for future retrieval.

Studies have shown that about 75% of a company’s intellectual property is embedded in their email and instant messaging services. This data is incredibly important to protect – but it can cause an intense overload on the servers that store your data.

How do we get around this dilemma? Install an email archiving solution!

Here are five main benefits to email archiving:

  1. Storage
    Storing email data and archiving it on servers will undoubtedly reduce performance and speed. However, there are other options than simply deleting the emails! Fret not, email data archiving allows you to store your emails and messages safely on an off-site server. Other options include auto-removal of duplicate messages as well as advanced compression techniques that eliminate the strain on servers by more than 50%.
  2. Renewal
    The institution of a data archiving solution within your company will change things. It really is two-fold. First, email archiving lightens the load on your servers, which increases speed and reliability. Second, the increase in server speed will make future archiving, deduplication, and even compression quicker and easier.
  3. Security
    Storage does not equal security by default when it comes to data. It would be foolish to trust that your data is secure simply by archiving it. However, with the right data archiving solution – your emails and instant messages will be stored and securely managed in order to remain private. To ensure this happens, look for a provider that promises a near-perfect uptime and a strong service level agreement. Data can be secure on the cloud with the right technology and expertise behind it.
  4. Productivity
    Another benefit to the server speed that data archiving creates! Relieving the servers of additional data to manage allows them to make other tasks available at an incredible speed. This will allow your employees to work quickly and will absolutely increase the speed at which you can access stored emails and messages. This simultaneously decreases the load on your IT department, as employees will no longer need to bother them with simple assistance backing up their email inboxes manually.
  5. Compliance
    Complying with industry standards for retaining records is of the utmost important for most businesses. Emails are one of the primary sources of business information – thus ensuring that they are retained for the proper length of time is paramount. Industries such as education, finance, healthcare, and professional have strict regulations on how data must be stored and the specific length of time they must be retained.

Visit Jatheon for more general information on an email archiving solution that will fit your needs. If your industry has strict, more specific standards – we can help with that too! Remember that the benefits include lightening the load on your servers and IT department (freeing them up for more important tasks!); while simultaneously maintaining the security of your data.

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