August 22, 2017 by Steven Tobolar

Compatibility – How Jatheon Works with Office 365

When your organization decides to employ email archiving and starts searching for the right archiving solution, there are a number of things that need to be taken into account. We’ve already written about why enterprise grade hardware is indispensable and what software features your archive should possess.

Choose wisely for seamless operation

Another important point that mustn’t be overlooked is compatibility. You should make sure that your archiving appliance is platform agnostic, i.e. that it is able to work seamlessly with all major mail server software. Today we explore how Jatheon’s solution works with one of the most popular ones, and that is Office 365.

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Office 365 has become very popular among business users and large companies since its appearance in 2011. As a matter of fact, 70% of Fortune 500 companies have purchased it in the last year. It provides email services through hosted versions of Exchange, Skype for Business, Office Online etc. Often referred to as “the future of productivity”, O365 is loved by millions of users because it allows them to access the familiar Office apps on any device without any security issues. Jatheon’s appliance is fully compatible with Office 365. Here’s how it works in practice.

Journaling ‒ the first step in email archiving

When somebody sends an email, it must pass through a mail server. Journaling is an important process which can be summed up as retaining and recording email communications in order to use them for archiving or retention purposes. The original email or message is delivered to your inbox. Mail journaling essentially examines and captures a copy of that message which is then rerouted to the Jatheon appliance for archiving. Journaling works in conjunction with mail rules, which means that you can create a journaling rule to specify which messages are going to be captured (although it is best practice to journal all of them).

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Office 365 is hosted by Microsoft. That means that it is never on your internal network. Jatheon appliance, on the other hand, must be on your internal network (intranet). Being outside your network, Office 365 cannot resolve the appliance’s address, and the only thing it can see is your company’s firewall. For this reason, the journaling process cannot be established directly. To solve this problem, Office 365 forwards messages to the firewall. However, firewall rules must be set so that it forwards all messages to the internal fully qualified domain name of the Jatheon appliance, while the archiving appliance also needs to be set to accept all incoming emails.

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