Email Archiving – Legacy vs. Modern Archiving Systems

by Jatheon

Nowadays, email archiving is far from being just a best practice for electronic records retention. For some organizations, it’s the norm. For others, a regulatory necessity. Most organizations in regulated industries, especially in the government, education, healthcare and financial sector have been archiving email for almost two decades.

Many of them, however, have failed to upgrade their archiving solutions, mostly for two reasons – the first being the lack of financial resources and second being their own belief that upgrades are unnecessary.

Still, ignoring the trends and failing to keep up with technological advancements can create serious risks and incur costs much larger than those that organizations would have if they decided to purchase a modern archiving system.

Organizations that still rely on legacy email archiving solutions run several major risks. Firstly, some of the email archiving providers that used to be the industry leaders in the early 2000s no longer exist. This means that getting technical support from those companies is impossible. Secondly, maintenance for legacy hardware is expensive, as older hardware is more prone to malfunctions. Thirdly, most of these solutions have clunky, outdated user interface and can archive only email. Finally, it’s very common that legacy systems cannot support updates on email platforms such as Exchange. If that happens, the archiving process will stop.

With modern archiving platforms, your organization won’t be facing such challenges. There are archiving companies that offer free hardware refresh and excellent expandability options for on-premise solutions. The security of cloud-based platforms has improved considerably. All major vendors offer archiving support for multiple types of unstructured data – email, social media, voicemail and text messages being just a few. Finally, the improved user experience and a wide variety of options will make your archiving experience smooth, secure and easy while keeping your in compliance with all relevant industry and state regulations.

Jatheon is an email archiving specialist with 15 years of experience in providing turn-key on-premise and cloud solutions to organizations in regulated industries. If you’d like to learn more about Jatheon’s products and services, visit our Jatheon Cloud product page.

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