Email & Social Media Archiving for Government

by Jatheon

Government organizations are under constant demand for information and handle open records requests on a daily basis. As both Freedom of Information Act and state Sunshine Laws evolve to include new communication channels, organizations in the public sector have to be able to capture, store and retrieve communications from various sources – email, text messages, and content from chat apps and social media.

Modern email archiving solutions are able to do just that – help the public sector to simplify and centralize the retention, search and retrieval of all electronic communications and respond to requests faster and more efficiently.

With a fully automated archiving process, you’ll minimize the risk of human error and ensure that records are stored in an unchangeable, compliant format. The powerful advanced search will reduce the time and costs of responding to requests, while customizable retention features will help you manage compliance policies across departments. Features like audit and legal hold will help you freeze and review messages and prevent accidental or intentional destruction of evidence.

For organizations in the public sector, an email archiving solution is an indispensable tool that can be used to handle records requests, conduct searches to simplify email management and track violations of policies.

Jatheon is an email archiving specialist with 15 years of experience in providing turn-key on-premise and cloud solutions to all types of government organizations. If you’d like to learn how Jatheon can help you simplify your public records process, visit our Jatheon Archiving Suite product page for more information.

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Jatheon is a “Trail Blazer” in The Radicati Group’s 2024 Information Archiving MQ

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