On-Premise Email Archiving – Cloud Backup Module

by Jatheon

Hi, I’m Ivana. Welcome to Inside Jatheon Archiving Suite video series. In this video, I’ll tell you a bit about Cloud Backup. Let’s get rolling.

Jatheon Cloud Backup is an optional service that can be purchased together with a Jatheon cCore email archiving appliance. If you already have a Jatheon appliance, you can still purchase cloud backup at any point, although we believe it’s best to activate this service as soon as possible.

To stay in line with best data redundancy practices, and the timeless 3-2-1 backup strategy, organizations often choose to ensure the additional safety of their archived information and mirror the data captured by Jatheon cCore in the cloud.

The main advantage of cloud backup is that you’ll have a copy of all your important business data stored offsite. Once you purchase cloud backup, Jatheon’s Support Team will activate it and initiate the full backup of the data stored on your appliance. Later, you’ll be able to configure how often you’d like your incremental backups to run.

In case you ever need to retrieve data from the cloud backup, Jatheon Support will assist you with this as well. Based on what incremental backup schedule you’ll choose, you’ll receive regular reports on the status of incremental backup.

The Jatheon Backup Service is designed with special care so we can guarantee the client’s data security and privacy at any point of operation.

Remember that you can always buy a second Jatheon appliance, Jatheon DR, make a cluster and use the second appliance for data replication and redundancy. Together with Cloud Backup, this will make your backup strategy complete.

We’re done. If you’d like to learn more about Jatheon’s product and services, you can follow our blog or visit our Support Center for more useful Jatheon Archiving Suite articles.

For more information about our on-premise solutions, visit our Jatheon Archiving Suite add-ons page.

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