Cloud Email Archiving – Getting Started with Your Jatheon Cloud Account

by Jatheon

Hi, I’m Lyto. Welcome to Inside Jatheon Cloud video series. When we made our email archiving software, we wanted to make it useful and fun for everyone in your team, even for the people who are not big fans of technology. In this video, I’ll show you, non-tech people, how to use Jatheon Cloud to manage your email smarter and more effectively. Let’s get started.

We’ll focus on the top three actions you’ll need to master – search, tagging and export. Most times, you’ll just want to find an elusive email real quick. Log into Jatheon Cloud and you’ll see the Search Bar at the top of the screen. This is Jatheon’s simple search, sufficient for common queries and day-to-day searches like yours.

To start a search, type in the term you’re looking for in the search box, select the email fields you’d like to search through and choose the time frame from the date picker. If you ever need to do this search again, you can save it – just give it a name and confirm. The search is now saved in the Saved Searches section on the left and you’ll be able to easily re-run it from there. Even if you forgot to save it, it will still appear under your Recent Searches here. You can re-run it from there as well.

Now let’s see how you can tag your first email. Personal tags are a convenient way to organize and group emails. Once you do a search and get your search results, you can apply a tag to one or more emails. Let’s name this tag “Important”. When you go to the Tags section, you’ll see the list of all your tags and also all emails tagged with a particular tag.

Now let’s go over to Export. Once you’ve done a search, you’ll see a couple of email management options at the top here. To export your search results, just select the emails you’d like to export, click Export, choose the desired format and name your export. Confirm the action and that’s it. You’ve done your first export.

You’ll also be able to access your Jatheon Cloud account directly from Outlook using a simple plug-in or through the Jatheon Cloud Mobile App for easy access on the go.

There you have it! Now that you’ve taken your first steps, you can follow our blog or visit our Support Center for more useful Jatheon Cloud articles.

For more information about our cloud solution, visit our Jatheon Cloud product page.

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