October 29, 2018 by Bojana Krstic

Jatheon Presents New Cloud Email Archiving Solution

The wait is over – earlier this month, Jatheon unveiled its brand-new cloud email archiving solution. After 15 years of experience in on-premise archiving, the company created the new Jatheon Cloud with the same customer-centered philosophy in mind, looking to provide secure long-term email storage and easy retrieval for organizations that need to securely retain email and ensure easy access and searchability.

Despite recently adding two new models to its family of archiving appliances, Jatheon felt the need to address the lower end of the market and provide email archiving for startups and small to medium-sized organizations that lack the IT infrastructure to support hardware solutions.

“We understand that email archiving is still mostly about compliance requirements and eDiscovery, but it is also more and more about business productivity, storage management and insight”, says Jeff Marlow, VP Business Development in Jatheon. “Jatheon Cloud enables small and medium sized businesses to execute complex email searches through millions of emails with a simple, easy-to-use interface, making eDiscovery a fast and efficient process. With this product priced very competitively against other leading archiving providers, we believe that it will be a complete success”, adds Jeff Marlow.

What took you so long?

In an effort to design the best cloud product in the industry, the company spent two years researching and working on Jatheon Cloud. Marko Dinic, company CEO explains: “We debated developing the cloud solution a number of times and always felt there were serious shortcomings to the available technology. We’ve always been experts in on-premise archiving. Cloud archiving wasn’t so much of an uncharted territory for us as it was a challenge in terms of dealing with its shortcomings and giving our customers an impenetrable, top-notch cloud solution. In the last two years, the technology has improved enough to allow the cloud product to have the level of security we deem necessary in email archiving.”

Cloud archiving wasn’t so much of an uncharted territory for us as it was a challenge in terms of overcoming its shortcomings and giving our clients a secure, top-notch solution. #EmailArchiving Click To Tweet

Does the world really need another cloud email archiving solution?

Oh yes. When mapping out the problems present in the majority of cloud-based solutions available today, there were three major issues Jatheon was determined to overcome with their own solution.

Firstly, it’s notoriously difficult to move large amounts of legacy data from the internal network onto the cloud. The second obstacle often lies in a slow and cumbersome search functionality. Some major players in the archiving industry have user interfaces designed in such a way that the user needs to know quite a few boolean expressions and various technical terms to be able to conduct a search. This is rarely an issue when you search a single mailbox, but can easily turn into a nightmare if you have a large eDiscovery case where you have to search everyone’s email. In practice, this leaves the user with too many results that they find hard to review. Finally, there are many solutions, both cloud and on-premise, that have serious problems with exporting large amounts of data.

What makes Jatheon Cloud different?

To begin with, the company drew up on its extensive experience in on-premise archiving and got plenty of customer feedback. The team then decided to give the user interface a major facelift to fit mass deployment, ensure ease of use and respond to the demands of non-IT users. The search functionality remains the best in the email archiving industry, with results appearing in seconds regardless of the size of your archive. Import is very easy from the IT perspective. Jatheon has a decade long experience in exporting data from various competitor solutions and is happy to assist with exporting from both cloud and on-premise systems. A lot of attention was given to the export feature to make sure the job compliance officers have is easy and always reliable.

All in all, the new cloud archiver meets and exceeds the highest standards of regulatory compliance and has the granularity necessary for the most demanding searches during eDiscovery.

The new cloud archiver exceeds the highest standards of regulatory compliance and has the granularity necessary for the most demanding searches during #eDiscovery. Click To Tweet

What’s next?

The company is currently developing some of the non-essential features and working on single sign-on and integration with O365 and Google mail solutions.

If you’re a business-owner, compliance officer or an IT specialist interested in getting a closer look at Jatheon Cloud, contact us to schedule a demo or start your free trial.

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