Avoiding Legal Issues – A Data Compliance Checklist

May 15, 2017 by Jatheon

A data compliance checklist is a great way to ensure that business owners have everything in order so that they can avoid legal issues down the line. While compliance laws vary from country to country, the idea of data protection boils down to some general points.

The following list is a great starting point for any business owner wishing to get their data privacy compliance in order. Remember that these points do not in any way constitute a complete data protection policy — they are just guidelines which require significant follow-up work.

Data Compliance Checklist

  1. Business owners should select an individual within the organization to take charge of data protection issues. They can be appointed as the data protection officer or the officer responsible for compliance. This person should ensure that all areas of the business are compliant and that all data is being backed up securely.
  2. If the country in which the business is based has an information commissioner or data compliance regulator, the organization should be registered with this body.
  3. How do different types of data come into the business? Compliance teams should identify the different areas where data is collected. This could be done through a website portal, email system, fax system, phone system or CCTV.
  4. Identify first party and third party data. Then evaluate what kinds of data need to be archived, for how long, and what can be deleted. In the case of email data, complete archiving is the usual answer.
  5. Within the marketing department, it is vital that email lists and email data are secured in compliance with privacy and communications laws.
  6. All staff should be trained on what the correct procedures are if they come into contact with personal data, for example, sensitive email communications. Employees must know that they will generate legal trouble for the business in case of unauthorized private data disclosure.
  7. Identify the ways in which you will back up sensitive data to ensure compliance. As for email data, email archiving solutions that are compliant are the best way to satisfy the law.
  8. All data types should be archived in a way that allows eDiscovery in a case of a data request during legal proceedings.

Data compliance is a complicated beast. The above points are some of the things you need to consider in your quest to fully ensure compliance and privacy for your company’s data and email.

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