Archiving Talks – Jatheon vs. Other Email Archiving Providers

by Jatheon

How are Jatheon’s email archiving solutions different from other systems on the market? We talked to Marko Dinic, CEO of Jatheon Technologies and Jeff Marlow, VP Business Development to get some answers.

What would you say sets your products apart?

Jeff: I would say we have developed several generations of product that have given us, I think, the leading edge in terms of our core product, which has been email archiving all along. We have evolved that into other forms of information archiving, like social media, as Marco mentioned, as well as text archiving. Our product is rock solid in terms of the technology. The company has been very technologically focused over the years, since its inception. One other thing that sets us apart from the competition is our search function. When you look at this type of technology, ediscovery is probably the largest use case. For e-discovery to work really well you need to have a very, very comprehensive, very advanced search function and that’s exactly what we have. We believe it’s the most advanced, the most comprehensive of any search function in the industry. So, I would say that, perhaps more than anything else, is what sets email function apart from anything else.

Watch Marko Dinic and Jeff Marlow talk about the regulations and trends that will shape the email archiving industry in the complete Archiving Talks video.

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