Cloud Email Archiving – How to Manage Users on Jatheon Cloud

by Jatheon

Hi, I’m Lyto. Welcome to Inside Jatheon Cloud video series. In this video, I’ll show you how to manage user roles and use the audit feature. Let’s begin!

The Jatheon Cloud email archiving platform comes with 3 default roles with preset permissions. The Account Admin can edit users, their roles, import and export emails for the whole company, manage email deletion times and create their personal tags. The Compliance Officer can search and export everyone’s emails, create personal and legal hold tags and access the audit log. End users can search their own mailboxes, manage their emails, export them and tag them with personal tags.

Some organizations are happy with these default roles, but you can also create custom roles to match your unique needs. When creating new roles, you can customize the permissions associated with the role in great detail. For example, you can create a role that can view all the users in the company but cannot edit or delete them. All in all, this is a highly customizable feature that gives you a lot of flexibility and freedom.

Let’s say there’s one person who needs to be able to manage users but is also responsible for compliance. Let’s call them Superadmin. This person needs to have all the permissions available including being able to do export, search audit logs and have control of the legal hold. This is how easy it is to specify the permissions. You can edit the role and suspend its associated permissions at any time.

Once you’ve created the new role, you can easily assign it to existing or new users. Just go to the Users section, create a new user and assign them with the new role.

If you are an admin who needs oversight of the activities in the Jatheon Cloud archive, the Audit section allows you to track everyone’s activities on the platform. Let’s see how that works. Go to the Audit section and select the user you’re interested in, then choose the time frame in the date picker and click search. You’ll then see a list of all their actions and be able to get additional information by clicking each audit log item.

I hope this was useful. Now that you’ve learned how to manage user roles and audit, you can follow our blog or visit our Support Center for more useful Jatheon Cloud articles.

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