March 17, 2021 by Jatheon

Jatheon Technologies Presents Free Workplace Communication Guide

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA: Jatheon Technologies, a tech company from Toronto specializing in enterprise data archiving, email compliance and ediscovery has published a free online resource that organizations can use to streamline their workplace communication during and after the pandemic.

Ivana Nikolic, Jatheon’s Marketing Director, explained the need for the creation of such a guide: “Jatheon has always been a remote-first company, and as such, our day-to-day business operations were not affected by the pandemic. But we witnessed how quickly and to what extent other companies needed to adapt and how productivity plummeted because companies lacked a proper communication strategy. That’s why we decided to rely on our experience as a fully remote company and combine it with our expertise in compliance and secure, long-term retention of enterprise communications to create a resource that any company can use to improve their communication processes, regardless of size or industry.”

The Workplace Communication Guide is a comprehensive resource that can be used by HR, legal, compliance and IT departments in any industry and is not limited to remote companies. The guide is divided into six chapters and outlines the common communication challenges in the workplace, followed by tested solutions and actionable advice. With a strong focus on email, social media and other channels and tools used for remote business communication, the guide provides advice on how to ensure compliance with records retention and data privacy laws. The tips are corroborated by data obtained in interviews and research which the Jatheon team conducted in 2020 with decision-makers, business owners, partners and Jatheon’s own customers.

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