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Social Media Retention Laws – An Overview [Infographic]

Social media is used as a business tool in over 90% of companies. But not all of them feel comfortable on social media channels. For highly regulated industries like finance, government, education or healthcare, social media can be a legal minefield. This is because all corporate activity, including posts, comments, tweets, photos or direct messages must now be archived and made retrievable for future reference or litigation purposes. Check out our new infographic to learn more about the laws that govern social media retention and the technology that can help you archive social media and ensure social media compliance.

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What Is Jatheon CTRL?

Jatheon CTRL is a social media and mobile archiving add-on that can be easily activated within Jatheon’s email archiving software. We pride ourselves on the innovative, modular and unified design concept of our archiving solution because it allows businesses to archive, access and manage all enterprise information from a single platform that they’re already comfortable using.

Why Archive Social Media and Mobile?

While a vast majority of enterprises already retain email, only 2-20% archive unstructured information from alternative communication channels such as social media, instant messaging platforms and mobile. According to all major records retention laws, official social media and mobile exchanges are considered business records. This update in laws created challenges for businesses in strictly regulated industries such as BFSI, government, healthcare, education or professional services.

Contrary to what many organizations think, you can’t rely on social media platforms and mobile carriers to retain data for you. They have their own data privacy laws to observe. On the other hand, your business might be in trouble if there’s fraud or employee misconduct taking place on BYOD phones or messaging platforms.

Even if you find some evidence, how do you know that something hasn’t been edited, deleted or tampered with? Archiving technology preserves original messages, with metadata. This ensures message verification, while audit trail features let you monitor archive access and provide the much-needed oversight.

There’s misalignment between how much social media and mobile are being used in the workplace, and how much of the business-critical content exchanged via these platforms gets archived. This creates further potential for eDiscovery and non-compliance fines.

50% of patients have follow-up discussions with their doctors via social media or text messages.
– There are 60 million active business pages on Facebook.
9 out of 10 consumers would like to use mobile messaging to talk to businesses.
30% of financial services professionals cannot produce social media records although the law mandates it.
– Only 50% of government agencies active on social media have adopted proper retention policies.

The Main Drivers of Social Media and Mobile Archiving

US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Rule 17a-4
All financial institutions in the US have to archive all electronic communications that take place over an electronic storage media or system.

HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules
Hospitals and healthcare institutions need to archive all electronic communications including email, social media and mobile communication.

Investors and financial firms have to retain communications records “regardless of the type of device or technology” used.

Jatheon CTRL Key Capabilities and Features

– Archive Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr, Pinterest, Workplace by Facebook, Flickr and others
– Archive phone calls from most carriers around the world, SMS, MMS and voicemail using both carrier deployment and Android or iOS apps
– Search, export and download social media posts, mobile calls, texts, MMS and voicemail
– Apply policies and legal hold

Key Benefits

1. Track social media communication regardless of network or device
2. Detect and prevent employee misconduct, fraud and cyberbullying
3. Ensure compliance with all major electronic records retention laws in the US and beyond
4. Improve your eDiscovery response and business productivity

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