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How Hutto ISD Seamlessly Transitioned from Gaggle to Jatheon for Enhanced Email Archiving

Jatheon partners with 500+ school districts. One of our clients, Hutto Independent School District, faced significant challenges with their previous email archiving solution, Gaggle. The issues included slow search functionality, limited export options, and a suboptimal pricing structure.

Transition Process

In light of the limitations and an excessive charge from Gaggle for exporting archived emails, the client decided to make a strategic shift to Jatheon. Opting not to pay the hefty export fee, they initiated the transition by setting up the Jatheon archive and ingesting current mailboxes. The transition overall was smooth and hassle-free.

Jatheon Features and Ease of Use

The client primarily utilizes Jatheon for open records requests and HR-related searches. These tasks often involve complex searches across multiple users, specific timeframes, and targeted keyword or user criteria.

The standout features of Jatheon include significantly improved search speed compared to their previous tool and a flexible search narrowing capability.

The ease of use stems from Jatheon’s intuitive design and responsive search functionalities, making it a superior choice compared to their previous solution.

Impact on Productivity and Efficiency

The enhanced search speed and flexibility in narrowing down searches have made the process faster and simpler. Additionally, the improved exporting process has streamlined their workflow, saving valuable time.


By transitioning from Gaggle to Jatheon, the client successfully addressed the shortcomings of their previous email archiving solution. The move not only resolved issues related to slow searches and limited export options but also brought about qualitative improvements in terms of search speed, flexibility, and overall ease of use.

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