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How Fontana Unified School District Enhanced Efficiency with Jatheon

Fontana Unified School District was facing significant challenges with their previous email archiving solution. These challenges included support issues, slow and glitchy software, prolonged hardware replacement times, and inefficiencies in handling large requests.

Transition Process

The client’s transition to Jatheon was marked by clear communication and support. Jatheon provided detailed expectations, outlining the necessary steps, timeframes, and requirements for the transition. Although extracting data from the previous solution took some time, Jatheon’s support team played a crucial role in rebuilding policies within the system, addressing reporting needs, and timely alerting the client to any issues.

Jatheon Features and Ease of Use

Fontana Unified School District uses Jatheon mostly for internal requests regarding students or items that would require a review by DHS (Department of Homeland Security).
The client highlighted the ease of use as a significant advantage of Jatheon over their previous solution. The clunky and glitchy nature of the old software was replaced by Jatheon’s smoother experience.

The robust search capabilities and a variety of options, such as email restoration and forwarding, is what set Jatheon apart. One notable feature was the absence of a “select all emails” option in the old solution, a limitation that Jatheon efficiently addressed.

Impact on Productivity and Efficiency

Tasks that were once slow became easily manageable with Jatheon’s faster and more responsive platform. It used to take days to search for information, a process which has since been significantly expedited.


Jatheon’s seamless transition process, user-friendly features, and notable impact on efficiency have positioned it as a crucial asset for the client, addressing the shortcomings of their previous email archiving solution and providing a reliable and efficient alternative.

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