How Employees Threaten Email Compliance

May 22, 2017 by Jatheon

Email compliance is a tangled web. Not only do we have to archive email in a strict and secure way, but we also need to ensure that email is not abused before it is archived in the first place! Instances of non-compliance can sometimes occur due to staff abuse of company email. To ensure we have a high-quality email archive that is fully compliant, we first need to look to our staff and the threats they pose to compliance and organizational assets.

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Does every organization have an insider threat?

The truth is, there are many insider threats within organizations today. Communications data which is regularly sent and received via email includes customer details, intellectual property, accounts information, etc. There are two main types of insider threats to data:

  • A malicious insider: this is a person who acts maliciously with intent. This may be someone who has access to sensitive information and data, for example, a sales administrator, an exec, or an IT staff member with privileges. With access to so much sensitive data, what happens if the employee decides to leave or develops a grudge against the company? What if they send this data outside the company, or try to sell it for cash?
  • A non-malicious insider: this is a person who unintentionally violates data protection and compliance policy. Clearly, these insiders greatly outnumber the former group. Many of these employees are just trying to get through their working day and might violate policies without meaning to do so. For instance, they may email confidential documents to their personal address in order to carry on working at home. Either way, the company’s confidential data is still at risk.
Malicious threats can be neutralized if employees know their communications are monitored. Click To Tweet

Email archiving solutions ensure compliance and eradicate many threats

The beauty of an email archiving solution is that it not only ensures compliance within the email system but also encourages compliance within the ranks of employees. An email archive is a catch-all, tamper-proof solution which stores every single email that goes in and out of the organization. Employers can use these secure archives to monitor all email activity and identify malicious patterns. Both malicious and non-malicious employee threats can be successfully neutralized if employees know that their communications are monitored.

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