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Definitive List of Top 5 Social Media Archiving Solutions

Social media has become an integral part of business communication.

But, as the volumes of data grew, so did the need to archive it.

This means that companies need to capture, organize, protect, and make available all social media records to prove compliance. Most companies employ archiving tools to achieve this.

However, choosing the right social media archiving software isn’t easy, so here are a few tips for selecting the right one.

In this article, we’re going to look at:

  • What social media archiving is.
  • The features you should look for in your software.
  • A list of the top 5 social media archiving solutions.

What Is Social Media Archiving?

Social media archiving is the process of systematically capturing, indexing, and storing social media data for compliance purposes and future reference.

Businesses archive various types of data (posts, comments, direct messages) by moving them from their primary channels into a safe archive for prolonged storage.

To aid with data retention, businesses utilize social media archiving solutions that provide them with many benefits:

  • Ensure regulatory compliance — Retain records according to major data management laws (FOIA, FINRA, HIPAA, GDPR) for full compliance.
  • Perform social media ediscovery — Search through social records to find information for open data requests and legal disputes.
  • Establish data backups — Avoid data loss by promptly archiving all data with an easy way to retrieve it.
  • Improve data management — Automatically delete duplicate files and optimize storage management while improving business servers and lowering the cost of maintenance.

In short, archiving social media protects businesses from both internal employee misconduct and external legal troubles by following the data retention laws imposed by regulatory bodies.

With so many social media archiving tools on the market, how do you decide which one is right for your business?

Must-Have Social Media Archiving Features

Searching for the perfect social media archive for your business isn’t easy as you want it to be a long-term solution that can solve all your archiving needs.

It helps to know which features you should be looking for. Any solid archiving tool should have:

  • Real-time capture — Automated capture of all social media data at the time of its creation with all relevant metadata included.
  • Unified repository — The ability to store all captured data from all the different platforms and sources you’re using.
  • Encryption — Industry standard encryption algorithms that will protect your archived data.
  • Advanced search — Ability to find the data you’re looking for with advanced search filters and parameters.
  • Exporting — Find and export selective social media data into readable and usable formats.
  • Monitoring — Features allowing you to oversee what’s being communicated over different social media platforms.

Besides its feature set, your social media archiving solution should fit into your business’s budget and have a seamless implementation process with a dedicated support system.

Top 5 Social Media Archiving Solutions

Now that you understand what to look for, let’s look at the top five solutions on the market and what they can do for your business.


Jatheon Cloud Social Media Archiving

Jatheon is a cloud-based data archiving solution designed for all-size organizations in regulated industries looking to ensure full compliance with industry and local laws.

It offers a unified archive for all your major social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X, Microsoft Teams, Bloomberg) with an additional ability to archive your email, WhatsApp, WeChat, and text messages in one singular repository.

With its modern, user-friendly interface and mobile app access, anyone can easily use its robust feature set with features like:

Jatheon Cloud - Social Media Search

Its biggest selling point is the customizability and scalability, allowing any business to manage their data depending on their needs.

With 24/7 customer support and a seamless integration process, Jatheon is certainly one of the top tools on the market.


ArchiveSocial (recently acquired by CivicPlus) is a cloud-based social media archiving solution that captures data in real-time for compliance purposes.

It offers storage of all major social media platforms in one place with the ability to perform advanced searches for open data requests.

In its toolbelt, ArchiveSocial offers plenty of features like:

  • Full-resolution data capture.
  • Alerts and analytics
  • Automated data capture.
  • Record production.
  • Advanced searches.

ArchiveSocial is a great option for businesses of all sizes including government agencies and other government institutions.

Pricing begins at $249 for the Economy plan. The Standard plan costs $399/month, and the Premium plan costs $699/month.


Smarsh Homepage

Smarsh is another cloud-based archiving solution with features that allow you to capture different types of social media data.

What sets it apart from ArchiveSocial is its ability to capture other forms of communication like email and text messages.

With Smarsh’s archiving solution, users can:

  • Archive content from different social media.
  • Perform advanced searches.
  • Leverage ediscovery tools.
  • Set up customizable retention policies
  • Leverage reporting tools to illuminate risk
  • Easily access and export archived data at any time

Smarsh has a very flexible pricing policy depending on your archiving needs and the size of your business which can all be discussed with their sales team.


PageFreezer provides a variety of services, one of them being social media archiving with the other being collaborative tools and website archiving.

It’s a great all-around tool if you’re looking for a compliance and ediscovery solution for your business that offers:

  • Advanced search filters
  • Defensible records to prove compliance and prepare for litigation
  • Customizable data retention schedules
  • Activity monitoring to prevent risks and data loss
  • Extended text pattern monitoring, keyword monitoring, and policy alerts
  • Retroactive social media data archiving

The best part of PageFreezer is its ability to combine all these different channels into one place which is perfect for any enterprise business.

While they don’t openly display their pricing plans, you can contact their sales team for better information for your organization.


Intradyn Homepage

Intradyn, like Smarsh and PageFreezer, provides a comprehensive suite of archiving tools, including email, social media, and text and SMS messages.

Customers can either purchase single-purpose solutions depending on their specific business needs or receive everything with the complete All-in-One Archiving Solution.

Features that Indradyn offers to their customers include:

  • Fully automated, real-time archiving
  • Digitally signed and timestamped data
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Role-based authentication
  • Ediscovery tools
  • Easy data export
  • Inverted index technology

Intradyn is a perfect solution for any business that wants an all-around great archiving and ediscovery software and is looking to archive more than just its social media.


If your business is active on social media in any capacity, then archiving should be on top of your mind.

It’s no longer a “nice to have” — social media content on business pages is considered an official record, so archiving is mandatory for full compliance.

Check out how Jatheon’s cloud archiving solution can help you safely preserve all business social media records for compliance and ediscovery.


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