April 13, 2022 by Bojana Krstic

Dark Mode on Jatheon Cloud + More Updates!

Hello, darkness! Meet the main star of our most recent release – Dark Mode on Jatheon Cloud! Read on to find out more about our dark theme and what else is new on your favorite archiving platform.

Introducing Dark Mode

Dark mode, requested by the majority of Jatheon Cloud users (and our CEO), is finally here! The dark mode feature helps you to quickly turn the entire application dark and is designed to minimize eye fatigue in low light environments while reducing blue light exposure.

Enabling dark mode on Jatheon Cloud is easy – you just need to click the main header dropdown and select the theme you prefer. Remember that the default setting still remains the same (Light). However, if you choose dark mode once, it will be saved so that you don’t have to do it each time you log in.

Jatheon Cloud Dark Mode 01

Jatheon Cloud Dark Mode 02

Excited as we are? Hop over to your Jatheon Cloud account and test it now!

Archiving Calendar Emails

In other updates, we also enabled the archiving of Calendar emails. To be able to view your calendar emails using the Advanced Search on Jatheon Cloud, you first need to select the Email Type and then choose Calendar in the dropdown.

Jatheon Cloud update 01

All the information related to Calendar events will be displayed in search results, showing the organizer (the email address of the event organizer), the location, the beginning of the scheduled event in UTC, duration, attendees (the email addresses) and attachments. In case of a recurring event, the record will also contain a note on the recurring pattern. You can get detailed information about this in our Support Center – How to Search for Calendar Emails.

New Search Criteria: Email Direction

When performing advanced searches on Jatheon Cloud, users can now make the searches even more precise by selecting the Email Direction (internal, incoming and outgoing) and selecting the appropriate predicate (Is / Is Not). For example, choosing the Internal option under Email Direction will list only emails exchanged between Company domains in both FROM and TO, CC and BCC. You can find more information about using the Email Direction filter in our Support article on Advanced Search.

New Search Criteria: Searching Notes and Classification Tags

We also enabled searching through Notes – it’s possible to filter emails that contain or do not contain a note, as well as search inside the notes by specifying a particular search term (keyword or phrase). Similarly, when searching for emails containing a specific tag, it’s now possible to include Classification tags in the search.

Share Saved Searches

Last but not least, users can now share their Saved Searches with other people from your organization and allow them to view all the emails associated with that particular saved query. To share a search you have saved, head over to the Saved Searches section, and then click the More menu to access this new option. By selecting Share, you’ll be able to specify the people who you want to share the search with.

Jatheon Cloud update 02

Under Saved Searches, you’ll also be able to see all the searches that have been shared with you. For more information on sharing your saved searches, check out our Support Center article on How to Share Saved Searches.

That’s it! Until our next round of Jatheon Cloud updates, let us know if there’s a feature you’d like to see included. If you’re not a Jatheon Cloud user yet and are looking for an AWS-based data archiving solution, contact us or book your no-commitment demo today.

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