July 20, 2017 by Jatheon

Five IT Practices for Email Archiving

Email archiving is a necessity for any business, and one of the reasons is that the penalties for improper record-keeping can be high. On-premise email archiving is a way to protect your company from potential litigation. Instituting a comprehensive on-premise email and digital data archiving solution is cost-effective and it will make your organization fully compliant. Let’s examine some practices that should become protocol in any company.

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  1. Identify your main concerns before purchasing technology.
    Yes, “concerns” is plural. Companies must archive data for a variety of reasons. It’s best to know every single one of those before implementing an archiving solution. That way you know you’re covered for every contingency.
  2. Create and distribute a retention policy which reflects today’s business requirements.
    How many companies actually have one? Outline and design an effective policy which clearly demonstrates your philosophy, practices, and responsibilities. Make the retention schedules easy for employees to follow with bulleted lists of primary concerns and strategies for action.
  3. Review your data retention policies annually so that they reflect any potential changes in regulations.
    Keep abreast of all regulatory changes and alterations to judicial rules of evidence. Remember that it’s your responsibility.
  4. Standardize time frames for all documents which require retention.
    Some employee documents need to be archived for a particular amount of time (let’s say 7 years), while others require completely different retention periods. To avoid unnecessary complications, create a “one-size fits all” policy that covers every type of documentation. This will make it easier for employees to remember and adhere to the policy as opposed to having many different ones.
  5. Revise your email use policy.
    Revise your email use policy from time to time and make sure it includes any relevant updates. The topics should cover responsible use, the privacy policy and consequences for misconduct.
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Remember that every employee in every company is affected by data retention and use policies. To get more info on the topic, download our free whitepaper Simple Steps to Compliance by clicking on the image below.

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