Archiving Talks – The Challenges in the Email Archiving Industry

by Jatheon

What are some of the main challenges that email archiving companies face on the market? How are bundled solutions like the one offered by Google affecting the niche players?

We talked to Marko Dinic, CEO of Jatheon Technologies and Jeff Marlow, VP Business Development to get some answers.

What are the biggest challenges you face in this industry?

Marko: The biggest challenge is the entry of some of the very large players into the industry and that commoditized the market. With the introduction of Microsoft Office 365 and Google Vault, this industry is basically compressing margin to the point where archiving tends to be a checkbox in a long list of compliance that any company needs to have. This tends to present various issues for companies that have significantly better search or storage than the products included in Office or in Google. That translates into a requirement to educate the market a lot more and really show that some of the ediscoveries cost a lot more to fulfill with some of these bundled products.

Jeff: I would add to that too is that whenever you have the word “free” associated with any product or service, there’s something that’s not there that value-added providers do have. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be in business, nor would other companies like us be in business. Most of the companies that are in the markets in which we serve know what Google Vault is. They know what some of the others out there that offer free services, free products entail. There’s a reason why they come to us. There is a value added with what we have to offer versus what the freebies don’t necessarily offer.

Watch Marko Dinic and Jeff Marlow talk about the regulations and trends that will shape the email archiving industry in the complete Archiving Talks video.

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