May 27, 2021 by Jatheon

Jatheon Technologies Releases Cloud-Based WhatsApp Archiving Software

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA: Jatheon Technologies, a tech company specializing in enterprise data archiving, compliance and ediscovery of electronic records, has announced the release of WhatsApp archiving within their cloud archiving software, Jatheon Cloud.

Jelena Popovic, the Product Development Lead in charge of Jatheon Cloud, has provided more information about the company’s latest update: “I’m delighted to say that Jatheon now supports the secure retention, retrieval and management of corporate WhatsApp records within our cloud archive. Organizations will be able to archive WhatsApp communications only or combine it with email or social media archiving in a unified, integrated archive.

Thanks to our commitment to continuous innovation and product development, we were aware that the demand for WhatsApp archiving was growing rapidly, and requests started pouring in from within and beyond North America. Until this update, we offered WhatsApp archiving only as an add-on to our on-premise email archiving product, and that helped us realize the importance of WhatsApp archiving as a standalone service. Thanks to the scalability and single-day deployment, our cloud-based WhatsApp archiving platform is a great compliance and ediscovery software for any organization, regardless of size, industry or geolocation.”

Organizations which decide to archive both email and WhatsApp on Jatheon Cloud will have the convenience of searching, managing and producing both data types using a single platform.

WhatsApp records are searchable using similar criteria as email and with the same speed and granularity of advanced search. The platform captures all types of WhatsApp content exchanged via the mobile and desktop app, including text, audio, video, and deleted messages.

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