May 08, 2020 by Jatheon

Jatheon Announces Another Update to Its Cloud Archive

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA: Jatheon Technologies Inc. has announced another feature update of their flagship email archiving product, Jatheon Cloud. Customer focus and ease of use have always been two major values in the Jatheon Cloud Product Development Team. Customer feedback and feature requests are always welcome and have helped the team to get a clearer idea about how the product is being used in practice and how it can be scaled up.

This is especially true of this release, which comes with three major enhancements. Jatheon Cloud users now have the ability to log in using their existing Office 365 account – an addition that, together with the previously added Google single sign-on, will help to increase end user productivity and minimize bad password habits. Thanks to the improved import functionality, administrators, managed service providers and IT cooperatives such as regional education service centers can now onboard large numbers of users and their clients’ users much more quickly using a .CSV file.

Another major improvement comes in the form of mailbox association, which is a useful feature in case someone leaves an organization. Since their email communication still needs to be searchable for compliance and business continuity, the mailbox association feature allows another user to connect and control the disabled mailbox. Being able to connect mailboxes is also practical if a person changes their surname or is using multiple email addresses for whatever reason.

Jelena Popovic, who helms Jatheon Cloud product development, is content to see the platform grow and take new shape thanks to the synergy of the team and the people who rely on the product every day: “Logically, our initial efforts in product development were focused on the features that are indispensable in email archiving and ediscovery. At this stage, it might seem as if we’re working mostly on minor updates, but these are the details that not only improve user experience, but also differentiate Jatheon Cloud from all the other archiving products out there.”

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