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The Holy Trinity of Email Archiving Software: Deduplication, Single-Instance Storage and Compression [Infographic]

Deleting email and other electronic messages in corporate environment is never the way to go. In times of intense eDiscovery, litigation and compliance procedures, deleting emails that contain valuable company data or evidence can spell disaster for your business. Email archiving allows organizations to retain, access, manage and retrieve important digital data without server overload. To make the most of your archiving appliance, choose the one that allows you to save very much data and use very little storage. This is possible thanks to features such as deduplication, single instance storage and compression. Check out our new infographic to learn why these features matter in digital data archiving.

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Your work mailbox is teeming with messages, so you go on a delete spree. Then a couple of months later, your organization gets an eDiscovery request and guess what – some important emails are missing.

Deleting electronic messages in corporate environment is never the way to go. You might accidentally delete certain emails that contain valuable company data or evidence. You don’t want your business going bankrupt just because someone lacked storage space in their mailbox and decided to purge a couple of emails.


Storing email data and archiving it on servers will reduce their performance and speed. On the other hand, deleting emails to save storage space is not an option in times of intense eDiscovery, litigation and compliance procedures.

Sounds like a vicious circle. But there’s a way out.

Trouble with storage is among the top reasons why businesses decide to archive email and other digital data. This is because email archiving lets you store all your emails and messages safely on an off-site server, which means no more struggling mail servers in your organization!

But be careful when you choose an archiving appliance.

If you don’t want your archive to fill up quickly, make sure it has THESE 3 FEATURES:

Deduplication is the auto-removal of duplicate messages. It will help you avoid the following scenario: you’re sending a “Happy Holidays” message with a 1MB attachment to all 2000 employees in your company. Without deduplication, this seemingly tiny attachment would take almost 2GB, not 1MB of your archive’s storage space.

SIS is often confused with deduplication. If two different emails are sent by two different users but contain the same attachment, your email archiving appliance will recognize the attachments as identical and retain only a single copy. However, they will be indexed in a way that allows the admins and compliance officers to locate them by searching for both emails and users.

This feature reduces the size of your archived files, which means even more storage space for data on your appliance and lower costs. Advanced compression techniques eliminate the strain on servers by more than 50%.

To learn about these 3 features in Jatheon’s solution and to find out more about email archiving, contact Jatheon or schedule your personal demo today.

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