February 28, 2024 by Bojana Krstic

New on Jatheon Cloud: Zoom Archiving

We’re proud to announce the latest enhancement to our flagship archiving product, Jatheon Cloud — the introduction of Zoom Archiving.

This new feature broadens our already extensive range of archived content types, which includes email, social media, text messages, calls, and collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams.

Why Archive Zoom?

For both small organizations and enterprises, Zoom has become a key tool in recent years. And from a compliance perspective, archiving Zoom calls and chats is necessary for several reasons.

If you’re in a regulated industry, your organization is subject to strict rules regarding the retention and management of electronic communications. This includes not only emails and documents, but also digital interactions such as video calls and instant messaging.

In sectors like finance, healthcare, and law, there are specific regulations mandating the recording and storage of electronic communications for set periods.

Archiving Zoom calls and chat messages ensures that organizations can meet these legal and regulatory requirements.

It provides a verifiable record that can be essential for audits, legal discovery, or regulatory reviews.

Moreover, archived communications serve as a resource for internal reviews and quality control.

They offer insights into past interactions, decisions, and operations, which can be crucial for training, dispute resolution, and business strategy development.

By maintaining comprehensive archives, organizations both adhere to compliance mandates and, at the same time, equip themselves with tools for effective governance and risk management.

How Zoom Archiving Works on Jatheon Cloud

The Jatheon Cloud Zoom archiving feature is designed to capture and archive various aspects of Zoom meetings.

These include:

  • Meeting content — All content from Zoom meetings, including video, audio, and shared screens is captured, with the complete metadata.
  • Audio-only archiving — Understanding that not all meetings require video, our system also supports archiving for audio-only meetings, ensuring flexibility and inclusivity in archiving needs.
  • In-Meeting chats — We recognize the importance of context in communications. That’s why, along with audio and video, we archive chat messages exchanged during the meetings. This ensures that the entire conversation, including nuances and clarifications that often occur in chat, is also retained.

You can find Zoom Archiving under our Social Search, and you can select the type of record you want to search: Zoom Video, Zoom Message, Zoom SMS, Zoom Phone Call, or Zoom Voice Message.

You can then structure your search using our standard criteria and block-based logic, specify a keyword or phrase to search for and then get results. As usual, once you click on a particular result, a preview appears on the right.

You can also see the automatic Zoom message information like who joined a meeting, who was admitted, who started sharing screen, and other system messages.

Additionally, we’re currently testing the archiving of Zoom Webinars, and Zoom voice and SMS, with plans to roll out these sub-features in the next three months.

Next Steps: Activate Zoom Archiving for Your Organization

Activating Zoom Archiving for your organization is a straightforward process.

Existing Jatheon Cloud Users: If you’re already on Jatheon Cloud, you can integrate Zoom Archiving into your existing plan. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss the addition of Zoom archiving to your service portfolio.

New to Jatheon Cloud: For organizations not yet using Jatheon Cloud, we welcome you to explore how our archiving platform can meet your needs.

Our team is ready to assist you in understanding how Jatheon Cloud can support your compliance, data archiving, and cloud security requirements.

We remain committed to providing cutting-edge, secure, and compliant archiving solutions for regulated industries. Stay tuned for another round of feature updates, and let us know if there’s anything we can do to improve your day-to-day use of the platform.

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