Implementing an On-premise Email Archiving

January 26, 2017 by Jatheon

If you have been thinking of moving to an on-premise email archiving using an appliance as opposed to a simple backup, there are many benefits that archiving offers which make it superior to a one-dimensional backup. The main advantage is that you have absolute control over your emails. To understand why that is, let’s do a comparison.

Email Archiving Vs Backup

Many people think that archiving and backing up are the same thing. While they are similar in nature, the on-premise archive provides much more flexibility and efficiency than a backup. A backup is more like a snapshot of your emails, a short-term collection of your company’s emails that is typically compiled in a specific time frame, for instance, weekly or monthly. On-premise email archiving is more of a long-term record of your emails that can be accessed at any point in the future. Archived email has the distinct advantage of being able to be searched and retrieved and, if need be, restored quicker and more efficiently than a backup. But why is that?

Advantages Of An On-Premise Email Archiving

An email archive makes use of journaling emails. Journaling essentially makes a copy of every email that passes through the server and is then stored in a special archive, or journal mailbox, which is then sorted by the archiving software into a database.

On-premise email archiving offers the advantage of being certain that you are compliant with any compliance laws and regulations. As well, it also reduces the load on the email server, meaning less time managing personal storage (PST) at both individual and administration levels. It reduces administrative reliance on each employee being in charge of archiving their own email. It is done automatically for them, so they do not need to think about it and can get on with their work. This is especially good for larger organizations, where hundreds of emails are sent and received every day.

You can read on how to become compliant through email archiving:

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