by Jatheon

Government Data Archiving and Compliance: Ensuring Security, Accessibility, and Regulatory Adherence

Government agencies are facing an unprecedented surge in data volume, driven by the digital transformation of operations and communication.

This data proliferation, encompassing everything from email and social media records to internal documents, presents significant challenges in terms of storage, security, accessibility, and regulatory compliance.

Given that all government records are now subject to ediscovery proceedings, lawsuits, FOIA requests, audits, and investigations, agencies are increasingly aware of the responsibilities associated with their online activities and are seeking effective strategies for digital record preservation.

In this white paper, we discuss the following:

  • Pain points with current archiving systems:
    • Risks of data loss
    • Legal liabilities
    • Operational inefficiencies
  • Evolving regulatory requirements:
    • NARA directives
    • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
    • Privacy laws
  • Importance of implementing robust data-archiving solutions:
    • Ensuring compliance
    • Enhancing data security
    • Streamlining access and retrieval

Equip your agency with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complexities of digital record preservation. Download our comprehensive white paper today and transform your data management strategy.

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