Cloud Email Archiving – Jatheon Cloud Product Overview

by Jatheon

Jatheon Cloud is a latest generation email archiving software in the cloud, designed to scale with the growth of any organization, from small to enterprise. It is a technology solution which companies use to solve all email archiving, regulatory and ediscovery challenges at once.

It allows your admins, IT managers, compliance officers and regular users to retain, search and manage your company emails to meet regulatory compliance and be fully prepared for audits, legal and public records requests. All that with easy access through a web client or a mobile app and without having to deal with bulky hardware.

Its powerful search options like advanced and proximity search allow you to locate any email easily and precisely using a variety of search criteria that can be combined using different logical operators. In this way, you’ll be able to search through millions of archived emails and get the desired results.

You can easily group and manage your emails by using personal, retention and legal hold tags. If you need to present emails for a public records or ediscovery request, compliance officers can use tags to place certain emails under legal hold and prevent them from being manipulated or deleted. They can then review and export them to various formats.

Jatheon Cloud’s audit feature allows compliance officers to track user activities on the platform and prevent or detect potential data destruction or alteration. This will give you a clear idea of what users are doing and whether someone is trying to overstep their authority. From the list of actions, you can easily export to logs to a CSV file to provide as evidence or review the obtained data later.

Emails cannot be deleted manually, but your admin can set the automatic deletion in the Global Expunge section. In your client settings, you can change the global expunge time based on the compliance requirements for your state or industry or choose to retain all emails on the platform indefinitely. Compliance officers can control the deletion of emails based on user roles, position in the company, type of emails or departments.

To sum it all up, Jatheon Cloud is a secure email archiving platform in the cloud that can be used by organizations of all sizes to retain, manage and retrieve email communication easily. With Jatheon Cloud you’ll maintain proper governance while mitigating compliance, legal and storage risks. Flexible and endlessly scalable, this cloud solution allows you to manage it in accordance with your own unique business needs.

For more information about our cloud solution, visit our Jatheon Cloud product page.

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