Archiving Talks – Common Data Retention Practices

November 04, 2019 by Jatheon

How long do companies typically retain email? How will your data retention policies reflect the various retention laws and best practices?

We talked to Marko Dinic, CEO of Jatheon Technologies and Jeff Marlow, VP Business Development to get some answers.

Based on your experience so far, do companies retain what is in the archive forever? What are some of the practices?

Jeff: Well, the retention period for various companies is pretty much a regulated sort of thing. FINRA, let’s say, for financial services will have a requirement for financial services companies that may be different from healthcare under HIPAA or some of the other regulatory bodies out there. Most organizations don’t necessarily have to retain data forever. Some of them do. But it’s all based upon what industry they are operating under and what the regulatory bodies are dictating.

Watch Marko Dinic and Jeff Marlow talk about the regulations and trends that will shape the email archiving industry in the complete Archiving Talks video.

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